The Beauty Of Traveling For Treatment: Why Medical Tourism Is Growing

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A number of countries across the world are starting to experience growing difficulty when it comes to cost and waiting times for a whole host of medical treatments.

In some cases, you could be expected to wait up to 18-weeks before you are seen by a trained medical professional.

For this reason, more and more people are starting to explore the possibility of venturing abroad in order to get the medical procedures they need.

There is a wide selection of complex medical treatments that are performed to exceptional standards around the world, including female hair transplant procedures in Turkey, and a number of other specialized treatments performed to a high level within certain locations.

Whatever your precise needs are, there is certain to be a country that will be able to perform specific procedures and provide you with the medical care you are searching for. Here, we have broken down some of the core reasons behind the increase in the popularity of medical tourism.

Asia Is Leading The Way

Asia is perhaps the most sought-after place in the world to obtain effective medical treatment. This is largely owed to the fact they possess an unrivalled level of knowledge and expertise within all medical professions and ensure waiting times are as proficient as they can possibly be.

There has been a huge increase in the amount of marketing being implemented in places like Singapore and Thailand, where specially designed service departments have been created to offer constant medical assistance to anyone around the world. You will receive a full itinerary for any visit, which can include both flights and accommodation.

The Asian continent is leading the way when it comes to specializing in certain medical treatments. For example, Singapore has developed a positive reputation for organ transplantation, whereas Malaysia is well known for health screenings and treatments for skin conditions.

The same medical tourism trend is now taking shape in Europe since Turkey has emerged as the go-to place when it comes to eye surgery, plastic surgery, and hair transplants.

Increasing Competition

As with any industry, the more competition there is around the greater increase in quality that is likely to take place. Many countries are vying to get the number one spot when it comes to incredibly intricate medical procedures, and knowing which ones are the real deal is of paramount importance to all prospective patients.

Some of the most common accreditations that medical establishments aim for are the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). So long as your medical provider can point to relevant certifications, you will be safe in the knowledge that you will be given the very best care for your specific condition.

It’s Cost-Effective

In many cases, the cost of treatment in a number of countries is incredibly high and puts people off from going ahead. You may also find that certain procedures are not even available since particular nations may be reluctant to provide the relevant medical insurance.

By going abroad to get your medical treatment, you could find yourself saving around 80% compared to what’s being offered in your native country. The stark contrast in costs is hugely exemplified by the fact that even after flights and accommodation have been taken into account, you are still likely to save money by going abroad.

These are just some of the reasons medical tourism has become that much more popular as a form of wellness tourism over the last few years. There is every reason to believe that over the coming years, more and more patients are likely to venture out abroad for treatments, especially given the reduced costs and impeccable attention to detail many surgeons can achieve around the world.

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