Hello Paradise: Luxury Yoga Retreats for Body and Soul

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For your next vacation, consider a holiday that you’ll not only remember the rest of your life, but that might actually change your life.

A yoga and wellbeing retreat set in a beautiful, pristine location where you can commune with nature, eat delicious, fresh and wholesome food, connect deeply with yourself through yoga and meditation, cultivate healthy habits, meet new friends, try amazing body therapies (think Indian head massage and reflexology) and get to fully relax, unwind and rediscover your true, healthy and vibrant self.

“Whether you’re looking for relaxation, inspiration, adventure, fun, a renewed sense of passion for life, a kick start to a healthier way of living or a deeper connection with yourself and nature, you’ll likely find it on one of our luxury yoga retreats,” says Claudia Jones, founder and director of The Wellness Source and wellness coach.

The Wellness Source offers detox and yoga therapy retreats in stunning locations such as the beautiful island of Ibiza.

With every need taken care of, all you need to do is simply relax, let go and allow yourself to be nourished with a diet of incredibly delicious plant-based meals, dreamy holistic therapies, calming and balancing yoga and mindfulness practices, and inspiring talks and workshops.

Retreats are a perfect opportunity to completely switch off, revitalize and recharge your entire being, with time away from screens, responsibilities, and stresses.

As noted by the Global Wellness Institute, a new study from Australia’s RMIT University measured multiple health/wellbeing dimensions of retreat guests at arrival, on departure and six weeks later and found that “a one-week retreat including educational, therapeutic, and leisure activities and an organic, mostly plant-based diet resulted in substantial improvements in everything from weight to blood pressure to psychological health – and sustained at six weeks.”

Imagine a holiday that inspires you to take charge of your wellbeing, deepens your connection to self, throws in a little pampering and shows you how to make positive, powerful changes in your everyday life to promote vibrant health.

From experience, we can tell you a luxe retreat like this is definitely more refreshing and energizing than coming home with a few extra pounds from that all-inclusive resort! Visit The Wellness Source for the current list of upcoming luxury yoga retreats.

Photo credits: Can Skye. Shot on location in Ibiza.

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