Making Spirits Bright: 5 Simple Ways to Refuel Your Soul

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Just as it’s important to recharge your electronics, it’s even more important to recharge yourself.

During this time of year, more and more people realize that they’re running on empty. We try to get through the holidays, make it through the busy season at work, provide for our loved ones, and maintain friendships—which can end up taking a lot out of us.

Running on empty can mean mood swings, constant exhaustion, and skyrocketing agitation, which can add up to a not-so-happy holiday or winter season. To help you get back on balance and have a healthy mind and body, here are five simple ways to refuel your soul.

Volunteer Your Time

Now, as important as it is to volunteer and support your community, ensure you’re in a good state before you decide to volunteer. If your tank is empty, then you might want to skip this step for today.

However, if you think you’re up for it, spend some free time volunteering for organizations and charities you support. If you love dogs, volunteer at a dog shelter. Sometimes, the best way to refuel your own soul is by filling someone else’s.

Declutter Your Home

Another great way to find calm and peace and refuel your soul is by organizing and cleaning up what you can. Decluttering your home is an excellent way to do just that. Clutter has a way of not only filling your home but filling up your mental space with chaos.

When you find you’re extra frazzled, spend some time gathering items to donate. Organizations such as the Military Order of the Purple Heart accept various items and go to a wonderful cause. You’ll clean your home, clear your mind, and help people in need.

Travel Far and Wide

The German word Sehnsucht means “a wistful longing and yearning in the heart for travels past and future.” That’s the power that travel holds over us. Sure, jetting off can sometimes impact our responsibilities, but the positive benefits are much greater.

Travelling brings joy, passion, and spirit to life that is hard to find elsewhere. If you haven’t travelled in a while or are craving a new space, plan a wellness travel trip—long or short.

Try Yoga or Meditation

Movement is so important if you’re feeling low. Whether it’s a quick walk around the block or a trip to the gym, moving is fantastic for filling your soul. One of our favourite ways to move and refuel is with some solid, meaningful meditation and yoga.

Perfectly enough, meditation does not require a specific location—anywhere you need to; meditation can help center and calm you. Yoga gets your body aligned with your mind and spirit, which makes it a perfect candidate for those days when you need to fill up.

Find the Positive in Every Day

If you’re struggling to refuel your soul with light, life, and laughter, it can be hard to find the good. Many people end up only seeing the negative when their soul is empty. Do your best to drag yourself out of negativity’s grasp and lean toward the light.

Try to find positivity in each and every day. Seeing the good in different moments, staying grateful for even the small things, and seeing each day through a positive lens can make life seem that much happier. It’s bound to fuel you!

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