Sunny-Side Up: Tips for Living a More Positive Life

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Maintaining a positive attitude while navigating the twists and turns of life can be tricky. It may not be possible to maintain a sunny disposition every day, but these four tips for living a more positive life can help you look on life’s bright side.


During times of stress or emotional turmoil, sometimes the best thing to do is step back and take a moment. Time spent in quiet meditation is the perfect opportunity for some introspection; meditation can even help calm an overactive mind or heart.

Introducing aromatherapy or healing stones to your meditation or yoga practice can also yield beneficial results. Every crystal possesses its own unique properties, with some crystals exhibiting properties that can help you attain more positivity and joy in your life.

Amethyst, for instance, is a highly powerful stone that can calm and center your mind, bring peace during difficult times, and open your heart to happiness.


Joy and happiness are resources that deserve to be shared. Volunteer work and other altruistic deeds are not only a great way to spread positivity to others, but they can also help you lead a more positive life.

Volunteering within your local community will help you connect with like-minded individuals who also work to make the world a kinder place.

Volunteering can also help increase your self-confidence, lower stress levels, combat depression, and help you find a sense of purpose.

Step outside your comfort zone

Life’s daily stresses can quickly bog you down and cause you to view the world negatively. Take a break from these stressors and embark on a new adventure to ease your mind and soothe your soul.

Travelling to a new location and experiencing a different culture will give you a new lease on life and encourage you to become more open-minded.

You can incorporate the things you learn and experience during your vacation into your daily life, which will encourage you to live a more positive life overall.

Surround yourself with positive influences

Perhaps the best tip for living a more positive life is to surround yourself with positive role models and uplifting influences.

Joy is contagious, and surrounding yourself with people who radiate positivity will help you catch the happiness bug. These role models can even offer their own tips and tricks for practicing positivity.

When you feel gloomy or disheartened, seek out the guidance and support of your positive role models who can pull you out of your slump and help you see the light once again.


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