7 Safest Places for Digital Nomads in 2024

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By Beth Rush

Being a travelling professional comes with various perks, but the security of a home isn’t one of them. The lifestyle has a few inherent dangers, but sticking to the safest countries for digital nomads can minimize the risk.

Where should you go when your office is “wherever I make it?” Here are seven of the safest places for American digital nomads, regardless of whether you stay stateside or venture abroad.

Safety Considerations for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads face many of the same risks as other travellers. However, they may be more pronounced. After all, a rental car break-in might cost you your camera, but it’s far more traumatic when someone pillages your campervan home. You don’t only lose belongings but also your sense of security and ability to sleep peacefully at night. Car theft is up 28% since 2019, making life on the road riskier today than in years past.

Furthermore, finding help might not be easy. You could face language barriers and differences in the law that affect how police and emergency personnel provide aid in a crisis. Some places are more hostile to foreigners than others, although staying stateside is no guarantee of humane treatment. Many people view those who live in their vehicles with suspicion, and locating safe parking or finding compassionate help if something does happen isn’t always easy.

To stay safe as a digital nomad, you must maintain situational awareness, which makes it harder to concentrate on your work. Taking the following measures works in conjunction with locating the safest destinations for digital nomads to minimize your risks:

  • Improve vehicle security, including an alarm system and cameras. These can help you see who’s outside without revealing your presence when inside.
  • Take self-defence classes and join a gym to build confidence in your ability to protect yourself.
  • Keep valuables hidden and use window tint, screens and curtains so outsiders can’t see what you carry, especially if you have a lot of pricey electronics.

What about weapons? They’re tricky for digital nomads, as the law on what you can carry varies depending on where you go. For example, while Arizona is an open-carry state, others — like New York — require a permit for handgun ownership. It gets even hairier abroad. For example, the UK bans pepper spray, as do several other European countries. Failure to follow the law can result in severe penalties, making many decide the risk isn’t worth it.

Safest Places for Digital Nomads – USA

Laying down temporary roots in one of the safest destinations for digital nomads can improve your sense of security while working on the road. Here’s where to look within the U.S.

1. The Midwest

Two features make the Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin) sparkle for digital nomads. One — the cost of living is generally less expensive than on the coasts, meaning your morning latte might not set you back $8.

Furthermore, there are plenty of private landowners with open acreage, and many of them rent safe parking spaces on apps like Neighbors. Having a private spot to call yours for the night reigns supreme over casing rest joints in hopes of finding one that isn’t too sketchy.

2. The Great Lakes Region

The Great Lakes region—Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—can get cold in the winter. However, it’s fabulous in the summer, as many of the beaches rival those along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, minus the high tourist prices.

You’ll also find plenty of state and national parks if you’re a digital nomad who likes to get out in nature — just be sure to pack your bear and mosquito spray.

3. The Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest (namely Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia in Canada) might seem overpriced for some digital nomads. However, others — like nurses — might find they command higher salaries by going the travel route, at least for a short while.

Many employers have connections that help such personnel locate safe lodging, including parking spaces — make such an amenity part of your hiring bargaining chip.

4. The West

Go west if you’re a digital nomad with a low income. States like Arizona abound with BLM land and varied climate zones. You can park for free as long as you follow the rules and move every two weeks, although reliable internet service may be harder to find than you’re used to.

You could spend the winter in your RV in Quartzsite and head to the northern end of the state during the summer months. Temperatures in the mountains can be cooler than in Phoenix, making you quickly understand why the I-17 becomes a parking lot on Memorial and Labor Day weekends.

Safest Countries for Digital Nomads

What if you dream of travelling abroad? The following four countries are relatively safe and welcoming to digital nomads.

1. Australia

Getting to Australia might be your biggest challenge. You’ll have to leave your pets at home, as the nation has a strict quarantine. However, you’ll find a varied and generally inviting climate and plenty of open spaces with and without facilities for you to park.

2. Mexico

Mexico is a dream for many digital nomads. Those coming from Canada or the States must ensure they purchase the right insurance. Many places — such as Tulum — have become meccas for those from the north who seek a sunny place to freelance along the beach as they watch dolphins frolic in the waves.

3. Finland

This nation may be the safest country for digital nomads in need of a PhD. Forget student loans — you can study for free in Finland. Although the temperatures might plunge too cold to make a campervan practical, you can find numerous hostels that charge little per night or let you exchange labour for your stay.

Safest Places for Digital Nomads

A digital nomad life offers adventure and many other perks, but security isn’t one of them. Protect yourself by considering one of the safest destinations for digital nomads.

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