The Results Are In: What Do Consumers Want from Wellness Vacations?

by Editor
Published: Updated: Photo courtesy Wellness Tourism Association (that's our editor third from left, front row)

The Wellness Tourism Association (WTA), a Denver-based non-profit organization creating networking, educational and marketing opportunities for the wellness tourism industry, got the first meeting of its members off to an informative start last week with the release of results from its first Wellness Travel Survey, focused on what consumers desire from Wellness Vacations.

A total of 2,566 respondents participated in the survey. Among the key findings unveiled at the WTA’s inaugural Meeting of Members at the historic Le Monastère des Augustines in the heart of Quebec City were:

  • Just under half of the survey respondents identified a “general, overall reboot” as their main goal for a Wellness Vacation
  • 45% would be willing to spend between $2,500 and $5,000 on a five-day all-inclusive (not including transportation) Wellness Vacation
  • A vast majority (85%) cited “a variety of healthy food options” as a “must have” for their personal Wellness Vacation, followed closely by “accessible nature,” “access to spa treatments” and a “range of scheduled fitness activities”
  • When asked, With whom do you/would you prefer to travel on a Wellness Vacation?, 24% responded “solo to meet up with the like minded” people followed closely by “with a significant other”

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