Your RV Checklist: Plan Before You Wander

by Editor

RVs are a trendy way to travel for good reason: you can wander at your own pace, and don’t have to set up and take down a campsite every time you bed down for the night.

Before spending quality time with family or friends and planning wellness activities within each area, make sure you are organized so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Failing to plan properly can waste time and money, which obviously takes away from your enjoyment of your travels. Make good use of these tips with this RV checklist!

Food and Drink

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A true vacation means you don’t spend all your time cooking your meals. Instead, you should enjoy spending your time in the great outdoors.

Pack ready-to-eat, simple foods and meals that will last the duration of the trip. Plan out your menu before you leave. A simple spreadsheet or checklist will allow you to plan and stay organized.

After you have your menu planned, create your ingredient list. Shop accordingly, and make sure you have appropriate storage for your food in your RV.

RV Essentials

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There’s nothing worse than making it to a destination only to find you forgot a basic essential. From clothes and toiletries to towels and blankets, you’ll want to pack enough for your travels—but not too much.

If you can wash your clothes, pack less so that you have more storage. If your RV has extra storage, consider keeping it stocked with appropriate toiletries.

As with your food, consider creating a spreadsheet or checklist that you can check off as you pack for your RV adventure.


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Ensure you bring appropriate prescription medication with you. Fill a pill organizer and take it with you. This will help to make sure you have all the medication that you need.

There are many common mistakes to avoid when you travel in an RV, so make sure forgetting necessary medication isn’t one you encounter.

Stock up on over-the-counter medicine to have on hand just in case. This includes two first-aid kits. You’ll want two so that you can keep one in the RV and take a small one outdoors.

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