3 Amazing US Destinations for RV Camping This Winter

by Editor

While spring and summer are lovely, many would argue that the world is most beautiful when blanketed in glittering ice and snow. For those looking to enjoy the wintry season on the road, we’d like to provide you with three of the best destinations for RV camping this winter. So take a moment to explore these relaxing locales and get some inspiration for your next trip.

Zion River Resort (Virgin, Utah)

Utah’s Zion River Resort is the perfect place to park your RV during the snowy season. This is especially true if you have an affinity for soft snow slurries and mild winter temperatures that rarely drop below twenty degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the resort offers guest sites decked out with every electrical resource necessary to keep recreational vehicles functioning and warm.

And when you consider how easily essential RV features like pipes can freeze, these resources only make this destination more appealing. If you’re looking to take a long, relaxing break from your travels, this locale also provides luxuriant onsite amenities, such as a social hall and a full spa.

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Dakota Ridge RV Camping Park (Golden, Colorado)

If you’re the type who likes the idea of waking up to an idyllic view of the Denver skyline cradled in the Rockies, you might want to stop at Dakota Ridge RV Park in Golden, Colorado. This park’s location is a perfect midpoint between a scenic mountain range and the numerous urban delights and amenities that Denver has to offer.

So if you like to relax wholly immersed in Mother Nature, you can enjoy a wintry hike through some of Colorado’s most famed wilderness spots. And if you want to unwind with massages and have an excellent gourmet meal to cap the evening, you can do that as well. Either way, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of enjoyable activities that will help you rest, rejuvenate, and enjoy the season.

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Central Oregon KOA (Culver, Oregon)

Central Oregon KOA is simply stunning all year round. However, many believe that its scenic landscapes are at their best during winter’s peak as snow sweeps across the high desert. Central Oregon is famous as a recreational wonderland with restorative hiking trails, scenic views, and a quiet atmosphere that encourages tranquillity even amidst winter.

Just as well, the fully hooked-up RV campsites are just a short drive from the famed rock-climbing haven, Smith Rock State Park. And if you’re looking to get out and immerse yourself in the natural wonder of it all, you can always pitch a tent at one of the park’s non-electric campsites. So, if you need to unplug and reconnect with nature, Central Oregon KOA is one of the best destinations for RV camping this winter. 

We hope that scanning this quick guide of relaxing and therapeutic destinations gave you some ideas for where you’ll take your RV camping so that you can fully enjoy winter this year.


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