The Top 6 Must-See Luxury Escapes of 2024

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By Lisa Nathalie

Choosing your travel destination is something you should do with care. If you’re going to travel, it should be to the best places, in the best jet, with the best luggage and your most gorgeous outfits.

Choosing to experience the best when you travel means several destinations will likely be on your bucket list. Italy, France, Japan, and Bali are examples.

But where can the most luxurious and enticing destinations be found within these stunning countries? Right here, on our list, of course.

The Ultimate Luxury Escapes

1.   Canggu — Bali

Canggu is hardly an unknown name amongst the jet setters who favour a tropical climate. It’s well known as one of the hottest travel destinations in Bali. Still, the increased number of digital nomads and influencers travelling to this coastal haven has dramatically boosted the economy.

High-end beach clubs and hotels, a thriving private jet charter industry, and several restaurants that any foodie would kill to get into. Canggu has been transformed from a beach town to an uber-chic destination for the discerning traveller.

Best luxury accommodation: Artemis Villa
Best restaurant: Santanera

2.   Madeira — Portugal

luxury Madeira

Island life is a sought-after one, to be sure. Magical Madeira is the ultimate escape from everyday life. Enjoy the subtropical climate on Madeira by spending your days on the beach, yachting along the 90-mile coastline, or sampling some of the island’s enticing Portuguese cuisine al fresco.

Hike through lush green vegetation if you’re outdoorsy, or treat yourself to a day at the spa if you feel like being pampered. One of the best spas on the island, Thalasso Sea Spa, is waiting to welcome guests with excellent taste and activities in relaxation locations and treat them to idyllic views and full-body treatments.

Best luxury accommodation: Reid’s Palace, A Belmond Hotel
Best restaurant: Razão Restaurant at Socalco

3.   Kyoto — Japan

Kyoto for luxury travel encounters

Visiting Japan is like stepping into a different world. Refined culture and social graces, the commitment to hospitality, and the sheer wealth of cultural and geographical attractions are stunning. It’s easy to see why Japan, Kyoto in particular, makes our list of must-see luxury destinations.

You can immerse yourself in centuries of tradition in one of Japan’s most ancient cities. Start by visiting Kichisen—a traditional establishment tucked away in the forest that devotes itself entirely to conventional food and hospitality. Take a VIP tour of Nijo Castle, a fortress built in 1603 to fend off ninja attacks; this is a piece of exciting history.

Best luxury accommodation: Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto
Best restaurant: Tenjaku

4.   Inari — Finland


Finland is a refined and luxurious choice if you prefer your travel experiences a little on the cooler side. Finland is a snow-covered dream world where the Northern Lights dance in the sky and reindeer frolic just a stone’s throw from your front door.

The only way to see Lapland is to stay in a high-quality “pod” hotel that allows guests to live as close to Finnish nature as possible. Recline in the sauna and take in the snowy view. Head out into the cold for snowshoeing, dog sledding, or other winter activities.

Take a trip into the village, sip hot chocolate in bed, or take in the nightly light show. Private jets can land at Ivalo Airport; from there, it’s a short, forty-minute drive to your destination.

Best luxury accommodation: Inari Wilderness Hotel
Best restaurant: Restaurant Aanaar

5.   Amalfi Coast — Italy

luxury on the Amalfi Coast

The glorious scenery along the Amalfi Coast has long made it a destination for travellers who like to surround themselves with the best of the best. Indulge in warm waters, exclusive beach clubs, and some of the most divine Italian cuisine in the world when you visit the romantic and scenic little towns along this exquisite stretch of coastline.

Charter a yacht and see the coast from the crisp, azure waters of the Adriatic Sea. Shop for souvenirs or a few new dresses on your Positano trip. Go wine tasting on a private boat and sip your way through the best tastes of Italy. The Amalfi coast is as good as it gets.

Best luxury accommodation: Anantara Convento di Amalfi Grand Hotel
Best restaurant: Hostaria di Bacco

6.   Marrakech — Morocco

Marrakech luxury travel

Visitors have flocked to the Red City for hundreds of years to experience its culture and many beauties. Shop the old-world way in a souk, taste spices you may never have heard of, and indulge in the extravagance of this exotic culture. For artistic enrichment, visit the Musée de Mouassine or the Musée Yves Saint Laurent.

Book a private hot air balloon ride for you and your significant other to get the best views of the city and surrounding countryside. When tired of being on your feet, head to a Hammam, or Turkish bath, for luxurious traditional treatments. There is no end to the luxury you can experience in Morocco.

Best luxury hotel: El Fenn
Best restaurant: La Famille

Travel In Style

When you book your private jet or five-star hotel accommodation in these exquisite locations, consider the advice on this list. These are some of the most luxurious travel options on the planet. When will you be visiting them in 2024?

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