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Petra Stormen, MBCT therapist, Life Coach and certified Passion Test Facilitator, is the director and co-founder of Petra Stormen Coaching & Consultancy and Lunablu Retreats.

Petra worked as an executive in the travel, entertainment and medical devices industries prior to establishing her independent consulting company. Since then, she has coached hundreds of people from all walks of life and is an expert in the field of transformation management, guiding individuals, teams, and large organizations through complex change processes.

What does the perfect Sunday look like to you?
It begins with opening eyes oblivious to time, aware of sunlight flooding the room. A gentle stretch, a smile……it’s Sunday. In the softest and comfiest of clothes, I wend my way to the kitchen. As the kettle comes to the boil I select something tasty and aromatic from the tea box. Then it’s cup in hand and out the patio doors to the garden. The sun already promises warmth to reach my very core. Shining on my face it makes me stop and smile, drinking in the sweetness of the garden waking. Birds, red squirrels, and even the frogs in the pond are a regular, welcome feature to share my morning ritual. No need to find a frog to kiss: my prince is indoors. I can hear him preparing breakfast. Luca is a chef, weekends are his busy time so the morning is an island shared with us two and our animal friends. The air is sweet and the sanctuary complete. After Luca leaves I settle down to paint – drawing pens, pencils, inks all around – I immerse myself in the colours and patterns. A passion I rediscovered only recently. Creating my artwork is meditative and transcendental, intuitive and energy based, like representations of what is happening in my life or in the world.

We’re having a potluck dinner. What do you bring?
Everything handmade, with only the best ingredients. The taste stops the conversation and changes the subject to “mmmmmm this is nice…” We would probably make fresh pasta, mezza lunes (Italian pasta) filled with ricotta and spinach, with some sage plucked from the herb garden and the best quality olive oil. Make some focaccia with loads of different cheeses, affitate, olives and fresh capers. Our annual visits to Sardegna ensure that we have some Vermentino wines in stock at home, so they will be in the fridge the evening before. Vermentino is gathering in popularity all around Europe. It’s a light-bodied white wine, however, what’s exciting about this wine is it can be deliciously complex similar in taste to a Sauvignon Blanc but unique. Unspoiled.

Go-to comfort at the end of the day?
Kick off the “heels” to kicks away the working day. Pad about in bare feet wending my way to where the Vermentino is. Glugging, popping sound as it splashes into the glass releases aromas that moisten the mouth…. usually a sigh round about now.

What’s in your carry on?
I travel mainly for business, which means a laptop, phone, headset and a good book. Then I’ll have a scarf for the cozy feel and a bottle of water. The same carry on every time. Boring? Simple? Maybe, but the less I carry the better I feel.

Best wellness or travel tip?
A week with Lunablu, Holidays for the soul, in Puglia, Italy. Discerning people want something more for their time and money. A wellness break that offers a holistic approach for the total person. A holiday break for body, mind and spirit indeed for more than the sum of these parts, so that we can return home from a holiday truly rested, happy and perhaps even with new skills! The sea is turquoise, the beaches sandy, the air sweet and clean. Mediterranean cuisine – organic, locally sourced food from the village where everyone still greets each other. The programs are amazing, not just average retreat programs, but complete immersions in the local lifestyle, incredible teachers and high-quality excursions and experiences.

What excites you about your company?
I wanted to be able to offer my clients something more…an experience more than anything. A short intensive period in which all senses where triggered and we could truly hold space for clients; our organization Lunablu Retreats was born, a fairly young initiative, but already I have met amazing people, co-workers and clients. We offer incredible holiday experiences in South Italy. For us, it is all about connection, the deep and meaningful version. I strongly believe that we meet each other for a purpose as we walk on this earth, during this lifetime. All these meetings bring special knowledge, unique information and indescribable energy. Take the example of simply making pasta all together: you can see the energy change, sparkling eyes, and seeds of friendships for life. It is those moments where we can see soul connections, moments of happiness, even knowing that perhaps circumstances are difficult for people. Deep sighs of relaxation, smiles that reach the eye, pink cheeks after a poolside massage or the occasional aha-moments during sessions… it is then that we know this is what we are passionate about and this is what we love to do!

What do you want your legacy to be?
I hope to leave a legacy of consciously doing the best we possibly can every single day: nobody is flawless and nor perfect. We have a human experience and should be grateful for each day that we live. We should trust in what is given to us in this life be it happy or sad experiences, as both leading us to growth and evolution over time. We have this rare opportunity to give and share the best version of ourselves to ourselves and to others and I hope to continuously share this message with others around me.

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