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“Carry a water bottle, drink from it, smile and be kind. Have patience, let the adventure begin the moment you decide to go somewhere.”

– Wendy Yates

Obsessed with fitness, travel and creating “Lifestyle Design for Living Well” Wendy Yates is an entrepreneur dedicated to positively influencing the wellbeing of others via environmental and social projects. 

As the founder of Abigail-Elise Design Studio and Well Fit Human Retreats, she is deeply committed to personal growth and having a positive influence on others via social and environmental projects. 

Her goals to do good, be fit, feel joyous, experience the world, create opportunity and dance a little hip-hop along the way are both inspiring and the foundation of the Well Fit Human wellness and humanitarian retreats.  

Wander: What does the perfect Sunday look like to you?

Wendy: Waking up early, setting my intentions, hitting the gym or taking a summer hike. Lunch on a deck or near the water, followed by brainstorming the afternoon away with goal setting, designing, creating for the week, podcasting and learning.

Zany (or strange!) travel experience you can share? 

Thankfully all my travel experiences have been pretty planned except for the occasional flight cancellations and extended airport stays. Anything else I would consider part of the adventure!

Wendy Yates

We’re having a potluck dinner. What do you bring? 

Vegan seven-layer dip or bruschetta.

Go-to comfort at the end of the day? 

Chardonnay and hanging out in the kitchen with the fam, playing the latest in hip-hop tracks.

Wander: What’s in your carry on? 

Computers, headphones, scarf, notebook, pen, water bottle, eye cream, glasses.

Best wellness or travel tip? 

Carry a water bottle, drink from it, smile and be kind. Have patience, let the adventure begin the moment you decide to go somewhere.

What excites you about your company/influence? 

Everything! But mostly the idea of sharing an authentic human connection, adding lifelong value from the experience our guests will have with us and the impact they will create amongst the people in the places they visit.

What do you want your legacy to be? 

That I wasted not one second, made a collection of impactful decisions that made life better for others in both small and large ways.

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