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Lynn Roberts, President, Innergy Corporate Yoga

Lynn Roberts is a former broadcast journalist who left the corporate world in 2004 to become a certified yoga teacher and create the company Innergy Corporate Yoga. Innergy brings the many benefits of yoga to stressed-out employees. In 2013, she created a unique Yoga Teacher Program and franchise model across Canada, inspiring teachers to be successful entrepreneurs.

What does the perfect Sunday look like to you?
My perfect Sunday starts with quiet reading time and hot coffee before my kids get up. I really enjoy this solitude on Sunday mornings. I mostly read books about yoga, leadership and new age stuff like Eckhart Tolle.

After that, I have breakfast with my family – usually a protein shake with added goodies like cherries from our backyard tree, organic spinach and hemp seed. The rest of my perfect Sunday would involve gardening, baking with my kids, relaxing, more reading and maybe a hike, a bike ride or a trip to a nearby park or even the lake.


Any zany travel experiences you can share?
Years ago when I had travelled to Thailand to take my first Yoga Teacher Training, our group decided to take one day off and book a boat tour around a few islands. We set out with our guide on this small boat and were cruising along pretty quickly when we hit a huge rock underneath the boat. Our vessel quickly starting taking on water. I looked at a lady in our boat who was in her 60’s. She stuffed her cash in her bra and said to me “I’ll swim to shore if necessary.”

It was easy to think the worst. Water was coming into the boat rapidly. Luckily, the boat was self-bailing and a place to dock was just around the corner. We did partially sink and even got a bit wet, but everyone was ok. They sent another boat to pick everyone up and we later had pad thai and toasted to not drowning that day!

We’re having a potluck dinner. What do you bring?
I would bring one of my fabulous desserts – something simple like cocoa fudge brownies or maybe banana cream pie. I love potlucks – they bring everyone together. But I really love eating dessert with friends, It’s so nourishing and delectable!

Go-to comfort at the end of the day?
Red pepper hummus and sweet potato crackers are my “treat” at the end of most days. I also relax with a bit of body rolling before bed to iron out any kinks and occasionally I have a hot cup of herbal tea – my favourite is hot water steeped with fresh ginger, lemon and honey.

What’s in your carry-on?
Wallet, iPhone, Burt’s Bees lip balm, a good book or two, always a water bottle, fresh fruit and my favourite Isagenix products. I take their shakes and bars with me whenever I travel so I never have to sacrifice good nutrition.

Best wellness tip?
Do small things every day. When wellness seems too overwhelming, do simple things each day. Choose an apple over a chocolate bar. Walk for 15 minutes. Drink more water. Choose tea over wine. Start with 10 minutes of yoga. The small things add up to be big things.

What excites you about your company?
That we are affecting real change. We get to help people feel better and live healthier lives each and every day. Knowing that we are a positive change in this world is inspiring and rewarding.

What do you want your legacy to be?
I would like to be remembered as someone who went the extra mile for others, as someone who never gave up on other people and as a kind and caring person.

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