Lesser-Known Tropical Travel Destinations to Explore

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When it’s time for a vacation and a real break from the world, seasoned travelers want to go where everyone else is not. Beaches and tropical paradises can be found all over the world, and tourists flock to them.

Sharing a beach with thousands of people isn’t always relaxing, and neither is spending a lot of money on the experience. Private beaches at which you can fully unwind are waiting. Check out these lesser-known tropical travel destinations and truly get away from it all.

Bocas del Toro, Panama
The nine islands in this province inspire feelings that are hard to express in words. Few places in the world can maintain such a primitive, seductive, and unforgettable atmosphere.

Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park, the first marine sanctuary in Panama, was created to protect the natural beauty of the area; visitors can expect to see rich vegetation, vast biodiversity, and spectacular untouched beaches.

A wonderland of crystal-clear water is dotted with coral gardens and teeming with marine life and exotic species of fish, making the region a prime location for exciting activities such as scuba diving. More populous cities such as Bocas Town and Changuinola are nearby in the event you need some lights and noise but don’t count on that happening.

Roatán, Honduras
Among the Bay Islands in Honduras lies a minnow-shaped island called Roatán. Here you’ll find the Great Mayan Reef, the world’s second-largest barrier reef, which is a popular site with divers and dive retreats.

Roatán is also popular with travelers looking for an affordable Caribbean vacation off the beaten path. The island is gaining popularity, but it’s still missing the chain hotels and restaurants of major tourist destinations. There’s a butterfly sanctuary and many outdoor activities to enjoy here, as well as dozens of great cafés along the beaches.

Staniel Cay, Bahamas
The Bahamas consists of over 700 islands. Most travelers never make it past the mega-resorts of New Providence and Grand Bahama—that leaves plenty of other islands to choose from for bucolic beach vacations.

Staniel Cay is a two-square-mile island within the Exuma Cays, with a population of just over 100 residents. If you want shimmering, crystal-clear waters; condo-free beaches; and cheap accommodations, this is the place.

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
In this archipelago over 200 miles off the coast of Brazil, you’ll find natural beauty and a relaxing atmosphere. The locals believe that Fernando de Noronha has the most beautiful beaches in all of Brazil.

In a country full of beautiful beaches, that’s really saying something. Steep hills rise out of the islands’ white- and gold-sand beaches. The waters surrounding the seven-square-mile island chain have been designated a national marine park, and they’re full of exotic wildlife.

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