Socially-Distant Travel Ideas to Help Plan Your Safe Getaway

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone, and travel, in particular, has been seriously impacted by the virus. But as restrictions start to ease and it becomes easier to move freely, your travel plans are sure to be back on the agenda.

With things not fully back to “normal,” the way you travel will be different. But rather than seeing this as a negative, you could be in for some exciting journeys as you try different approaches to your travels.

Here are some socially-distant travel ideas to think about to help you plan your next getaway.

Go camping

Camping is a fun way to enjoy time with friends and family, and it puts you in charge of your trip. Having your own accommodation means you can travel anywhere, anytime, and stay in some amazing locations, enjoying an affordable getaway while exploring somewhere new.

Camping has come a long way in recent years, and there are different tents and equipment you can buy to make for a more comfortable experience. A rooftop tent is an excellent idea and could help keep you safer at night. Camping is great for a night, a weekend or longer, so start planning your trip and enjoy making memories in the great outdoors.

Travel solo

In the current climate, it’s much easier to travel solo than it is to travel with a group. Provided you stay safe, you will find it much easier to stay socially distant and can get to explore new places with ease. Take a look at some solo travel tips to help you plan your trip and feel confident about your solo adventures.

Support local businesses

The economy has taken a hit due to COVID-19, and the tourism industry has suffered greatly. Instead of venturing far and wide for your travels, why not stay locally instead?

Supporting a local hotel or self-catering rental could make a big difference to small businesses while also helping you enjoy a getaway from home. Who knows what exciting new places you’ll discover on your doorstep?

Plan a road trip

A road trip is a socially-distant travel way to enjoy a vacation and can help you explore many different places at once. A road trip also lets you set your itinerary, which could make it easier for you to plan some socially-distant travel.

As an opportunity to explore some quieter places and take advantage of quieter tourist areas, this could be the perfect way to tick some destinations off your bucket list.

While things might be a little different for your travels this year, there are still plenty of ways you can set off and explore. Even if you decide to stay local or enjoy a different type of travel, you’ll always have next year to make some grander plans.

For now, make sure you take care of yourself and plan any travels safely.

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