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By Kristina Smith, Editor

When I first heard the term, I thought it must have something to do with biohacking, designing our physical experience. Intrigued, I downloaded some podcasts on the topic only to discover I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about.

Searching “human design” online, the first thing I read was that “Ra Uru Hu was ‘on fire’ with the Knowledge.” Okay. I ran my own free chart at using my birth date, time and location. This shed some light, but clearly, I needed some context here. 

Enter Molly Ziraldo, Human Design reader.

Molly Human Design reader

“I first came across Human Design listening to a podcast over 3 years ago and have been studying my chart ever since. Once I learned about my specific energy type (Manifesting Generator) it was as if everything I was feeling made sense. I finally had permission to be myself, and pursue all my passions rather than beating myself up for not being able to focus and pick just one. I also began to understand how to decondition the thoughts and patterns which were no longer serving me.

My first reading was with Jenna Zoe and she then became my teacher. I completed my reader training through her certification program and deeply believe in her interpretation of this ‘science.’ I feel if we all understood our unique design, life would be a little easier for us to navigate. If you desire to move through your life with more ease and success, own your natural talents and gifts, and understand what you’re here to work through, then Human Design may very well be the resource to help you get there.”

framing you with human design

Who is Ra Uru Hu?

Born Alan (Robert) Krakower in Canada in 1948, his career path led him into business as an advertising executive, magazine publisher, and media producer. In 1983, he left Canada to travel, eventually finding his way to Ibiza, Spain, where he worked as a school teacher.

Then in 1987, he had an unusual mystical experience followed by an encounter with “a Voice,” an intelligence superior to anything he had ever experienced. This encounter lasted for eight days and nights during which he received a transmission of information—what is known today as the “Human Design System.”

After his encounter with the Voice, Ra Uru Hu wrote the Rave I’Ching, the foundation upon which Human Design rests. It essentially combines several holistic principles, including the I Ching—the oldest of the Chinese classic texts and an ancient divination tool—Vedic philosophy, the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, Kabbalah, astrology, and quantum physics.

Ra considered himself the messenger of the Human Design System and dedicated the rest of his life to sharing what he had learned, teaching people how to live with awareness. He lived with his family in the US, Germany, and Ibiza, where he passed away in 2011. 

My Reading

Molly and I connected over Zoom for my personal reading. I think we all seek to understand ourselves better, and I liked that this felt both spiritual, a little woo-woo and astrological, but also scientific, on a more physical and cerebral level. My personal journey has been to better understand the dynamics of how I show up and the choices and challenges I encounter.

She walked me through my chart in detail, including the basics of Human Design as it relates to your energy type, strategy, authority, and conditioning. Many things clicked for me; some aspects, behaviours, or feelings I was aware of, others I had never put into words, or perhaps not consciously thought about, but when she said it, I was like BINGO.

It was exactly like a permission slip for me; that it was okay for example to want to learn and try so many different things, or that absorbing other people’s feelings was actually happening for me, I wasn’t imagining it.

Human Design has been described as an instruction manual to unlock your genetic code, or energetic blueprint, showing you your gifts and how best to use them in this life. It can teach us how best to use and exchange our energy to more easily and enjoyably fulfil our purpose.

Human Design Use Cases

Molly confirmed that Human Design works well in workplace environments, where Myers Briggs Type Indicators and personality profiles have long been thrust warily upon teams. Human Design can bring fresh insight to understanding and syncing or aligning with one another.

It can also inform and support personal relationships, which makes sense; better understanding what makes your partner and children tick, how they negotiate and experience the world, and their inherent skills and talents can drastically improve your dynamic.

Human Design is so much more than I have described here, and you can really dive deep into this fascinating system. Bring a sense of curiosity, honesty, and openness to the experience. You won’t be disappointed!

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