Adventure and Flow on the Lagoon: Habitas Bacalar Welcomes the eFoiling Experience

by Editor

Breathe in, breathe out, forget about the sense of time, enjoy the moment and be fully immersed in what you are doing in a dream environment.

In Habitas Bacalar, Mexico, flow state is more than just a psychological term; it is a constant state that can be achieved in many ways.

As passionate adventurers, Habitas is always looking to experience the beauty of nature in unexpected ways. It is not by chance that they gravitate towards unique destinations and that their Homes are places to forge deeper connections to ourselves, others and our planet.

This month, aligned to one of its fundamental pillars, Habitas Bacalar welcomes a new adventure experience: eFoiling on the blue lagoon.

An eFoil is a surfboard powered by an electric motor and a rechargeable battery, with a Bluetooth hand controller, so wind or waves are not necessary for it to move; as a result, it provides a unique sensation similar to flying over water.

In collaboration with Lift Foils, the original creator of the eFoil and global leader in sales, this adventure and mindfulness activity allows one to connect to the water through the power of presence. 

Habitas Bacalar invites its guests to see this opportunity as part of a bigger road towards the flow state, which can start before setting foot on the board with a yoga class, a breathwork session or a meditation to align mind and body.

Once the eFoiling experience is finished, there is nothing like a temazcal ceremony to channel all the emotions into a ritual to feel physically, emotionally, and mentally healthier.

The eFoiling experience in Habitas Bacalar can be enjoyed in two formats: a 60-minute eFoiling introduction (learning theory, practicing progression technique and entering the blue lagoon alongside the facilitator) or a 30-minute eFoiling teaser for the curious.

Already familiar with riding? Habitas Bacalar also offers the possibility to become a certified rider, rent a Lift Foils board, or just a battery for those who plan on bringing their own eFoil.

The unique sensation of eFoiling will also be a fundamental part of the new ‘State of Flow’ Experience from Habitas Bacalar, a four-night immersive experience offering unique activities that tap into the power of nature and guide us into presence, awareness and creativity. 

In this state of flow, time slows down, and our senses are heightened as our bodies and minds effortlessly synchronize and bring us to a place beyond distraction. 

Both Lift Foils and Habitas have a mission to create experiences that instill greater empathy for our planet and facilitate the journey towards a flow state, all of which are conducted with a profound sense of respect and protection towards the environment.

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