5 Incredible European Libraries Every Bookworm Should Visit

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By Abbey Hayes

Reading is a great pastime that not only expands the mind but also helps you decompress after a long, hard day. Maybe you want to break up the monotony of everyday life and see some new sights to feel refreshed.

So why not consider visiting a couple of libraries in Europe to decompress and let your heart soar? Here are five European libraries every bookworm should visit for a better mind.

Trinity College

Library of Trinity College, Ireland

Considered the most extensive library in Ireland, the Library of Trinity College in Dublin is an experience to behold. The library was established in 1592 with the origination of the college itself. 

It contains the famous Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript of the four Gospels with a rumoured creation date of 800 CE. Additionally, it’s a copyright library for authors who submit their publications for copyright protection. 

This is definitely one of the European libraries every bookworm should visit when the opportunity arises.

Bibliothèque Nationale de France, France

Also known as the French National Library, this locale holds an extensive collection of historical novels and manuscripts. 

Its mission is to keep established historical collections for conservation and to make them to available to the public. It also partakes in research programs while cooperating with other national and international establishments, making it a reputable and reliable resource.

Plus, the architecture is astounding—if you’re visiting France, make sure to check out the suspended metal mesh on this library’s ceiling, which creates a waving effect.

bookshelf with ladder

Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart, Germany

Built in 2011, this nine-story architectural delight is located in the beautiful German city of Stuttgart. Often called the “Library of Insomniacs,” this city library—housed in a modern white building—is ideal for bookworms.

You can borrow art in the Graphothek section, and you also have access to a small selection of books. It’s a great place to slow down and let yourself relax.

All Souls College Library, United Kingdom

Formerly known as Codrington Library, All Souls College Library contains modern collections in law and history, particularly that of Britain and early modern Europe.

Additionally, it features tomes on early military history, philosophy, sociology, and scientific history. 

As far European libraries go, it’s a stunner with a lot to offer, but it requires an application for admission as a Reader from any university, so it’s limited to visitors.

All Souls

Strahov Library, Czech Republic

This Prague-based library is located in Strahov Monastery, which originated in 1143. It houses the most extensive monastic library in the Czech Republic, with two stunning halls referred to as the Baroque Theological and Philosophical Halls.

These halls stem back to the 17th and 18th centuries, respectively. Photography isn’t allowed, but you’ll never forget your visit.

Europe has a lot to offer, with many libraries reaching far back in history and standing the test of time. Visitors can learn important stories and moments in history that everyone should understand, all while learning about themselves again.

So don’t let your exhausted soul collapse; treat yourself to an unforgettable trip your heart deserves – perhaps a Reading Retreat is in store?

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