Southern Africa to Host World’s First Concert Tour for Endangered Turtles

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  • Fire Island Conservation is set to premiere its “Symphony in Sea Major” to audiences across South Africa and Mozambique.
  • Featuring musicians of the internationally acclaimed Viennese Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra, the classical music concert aims to raise funds for marine and wildlife conservation, including helping the endangered green turtle

In March 2023, Southern Africa will welcome the sensational chamber ensemble of the Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra to begin their exclusive concert tour in the vibrant city of Maputo, Mozambique.

Following a private showing to guests who book the ultra-luxury Kilima Sanctuary villa on the breathtaking coast of Machangulo Nature Reserve, the orchestra will be travelling to venues across South Africa. 

Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra has captivated audiences across Europe with its soprano and baritone performances since 1997. They are bringing their esteemed ensemble to Africa for the very first time. 

musicians of the internationally acclaimed Viennese Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra

A variety of public and private events will be available in South Africa, including the wildlife-abundant Kruger National Park, the magical Drakensberg, the historical Karoo and the mother city of Cape Town.

All profits from concert ticket sales will aid crucial efforts to conserve the earth’s vulnerable creatures. The Kruger performance proceeds will raise funds for SANPark’s Honorary Game Rangers’ Fund, and all other proceeds from the tour will be donated to Fire Island Conservation projects.

“With this concert tour for turtles, the musicians and management of the Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra want to point out the importance of nature conservation. Sometimes, we live in our protected bubble in the so-called western world, without any thought about nature, until we find out how beautiful it is and that we all must massively increase our efforts to help protect our environment. That’s why we love this initiative. We can support the Fire Island Conservation projects with what we know best… classical music from Vienna. We want to bring this music to where it has never been performed and spread awareness of this noble project while presenting our beautiful melodies to open hearts for fundraising for this good cause.”

– Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra’s Managing Director, Peter Hosek

Fire Island Conservation administers many community and conservation projects with the objective of protecting threatened marine species. Ilha do Fogo, off the coast of Mozambique, is the heart of the conservation efforts.

The island provides an essential nesting site for critically endangered hawksbill and endangered green turtles and offers a safe haven for other vulnerable marine life. 

The turtle protection project includes a community-led anti-poaching unit. This is just one of many initiatives established to offer locals in the poverty-stricken Zambezia Province of Mozambique alternative sustenance and earnings, empowering them to cease poaching. 

Ilha do Fogo has also been sustainably developed as an exclusive eco-resort, where limited groups of SCUBA divers have an opportunity to experience the unexplored reefs around the island.

Guests can also help to protect marine wildlife, identify previously unseen fauna and get involved in some of the research projects, with proceeds from their stay subsidizing the conservation, community, and anti-poaching projects. 

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