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Wander Reader Mailbag: “I need a change of pace from working from home and would like to get away somewhere for a week or two that offers wellness/spa, relaxation, comfortable accommodation and great food, along with high-speed Internet access and desk space so I can work while on vacation.”

“Many hotels around the country (and the world) now offer “workcation” packages. Stateside, the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort in Florida now offers a “Stay Awhile” option with wellness workstations available.

Spend your days working from a modern oceanfront apartment; then take advantage of the numerous wellness treatments in your downtime. From touchless treatments to thermal therapy and more, you’ll find a full menu of wellness services.

If you want to put your passport to use, check out Sol Sanctum located in Saint Lucia! Wellness is the key focus of this chic hotel. With stunning views of the island, you will have the opportunity to pamper and/or rejuvenate with massage, yoga, meditation and more. Each room provides you with ample workspace and high-speed internet as well.

A closer international destination would be Palmaïa – The House of AïA in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Their ‘Beachfront Work-Away’ option is ideal for those who want the tranquillity of the ocean and various wellness activities while relaxing in a suite designed for those who need to stay connected.

Whether you want your workcation to be closer to home or somewhere a bit further away, the options are truly endless. Taking care of your health and mental wellbeing will lead to a better and more productive state of mind while working remotely.”

Laura Adams
Luxury & Wellness Travel Advisor
Telamon Travel

“After working from home for over two years, the need for a change of scenery is so real! And while we’d sometimes like just to close our laptops and completely forget about work, that’s not always an option. 

That’s why Mexico is the perfect destination for anyone feeling burnt out and needing to balance work (hello workcation) with some rest and relaxation. It’s a quick flight from anywhere in the US, and the time zone allows for a relatively normal work schedule alongside your rejuvenating escape.

Tulum is a very cool town on the East Coast of Mexico and one of my personal favourites. It offers farm-to-table dining, incredible yoga studios, and beautiful experiences in nature that will revive your soul.

And at the Habitas Tulum, you can have a sanctuary for ultimate rest and relaxation, while still being fully connected to the outside world. The rooms offer free WiFi, and all come equipped with a working desk. You can choose between jungle, ocean and private pool rooms to accommodate any of your work-from-vacation dreams.

Lay by the pool while overlooking the blue ocean waters, or visit their onsite restaurant that caters to any dietary need. They also have a sister hotel, Habitas Bacalar, located just a few hours south. If you want a quick getaway into the secluded Mayan jungle to relax by the lagoon, transport is available for this exquisite escape.

The Habitas hotels have several wellness programs, yoga, spa treatments, traditional rituals, ceremonies and more. A week there will recharge your body and your mind, and re-energize you for whatever comes next!”

Julie Snyder

Owner/Travel Designer


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