A Yogi’s Guide to a New York Weekend Break

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New York City isn’t exactly the first travel destination that would pop into your mind when you think of wellness and relaxation.

But on the contrary, the hustle and bustle are what create a lot of opportunities to find good yoga in the city. New York City is the perfect place to spend a wellness weekend, and we’ll show you how to make the most of it.

We’ll be looking at the different kinds of exciting yoga sessions you can join on a weekend break in the city.

Outdoor yoga

New York has an abundance of parks. These beautiful patches of greenery amid the concrete jungle are perfect locations for practicing yoga in the city. As such, many of the parks host outdoor yoga classes that would be a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the city while finding Zen at the same time.

1. Bryant Park

Bryant Park, located in Midtown West, hosts free yoga sessions in partnership with Health Magazine through the end of August. Gaiam donates 1,200 mats for people to use for free, along with other giveaways.

2. Prospect Park

The yoga studio Bend & Bloom also hosts free yoga classes every Thursday starting June to the end of August. The annual vinyasa series takes place on the park’s Long Meadow, a great expanse of greenery perfect for stretching out those weary muscles.

3. Socrates Sculpture Park

Beginners might want to try out a meditation-heavy hatha yoga with Yojaida Estrella in Long Island City. Aside from the beautiful greenery, you’ll be doing your practice on a knoll between the waterfront and the park’s sculptures. These free classes run every weekend from mid-May to mid-September.

Rooftop yoga

New Yorkers are in love with their rooftops. Moreover, they know how to take advantage of them by having restaurants, bars, gardens, and even yoga classes on the top of their wonderfully tall buildings. Yoreevo details how an official New York City report found that there are over 13,500 buildings that are six stories or higher.

This number has only increased since the report was made in 2015. And it’s great for yoga practitioners since doing yoga in these locations comes with absolutely beautiful views of the New York skyline. They also bring you further away from the bustle of NYC traffic, making it easier to find your inner peace.

1. Yo! Yoga

Time Out recommends taking roof deck yoga classes at Yo! Yoga, located in Midtown East. They have outdoor sessions on their private roof deck, making for an intimate rooftop experience.

2. Brooklyn Grange Navy Yard Farm

At Brooklyn Grange Navy Yard Farm, you can practice yoga during sunset while being surrounded by an urban garden. They host a Monday evening yoga series in their open-air patio in Fort Greene.

3. The James Hotel

The James Hotel is known for its beautiful rooftop bar. Urban Matter suggests heading down there on Thursday mornings for their rooftop yoga class that runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. If you’re interested in more mindful practice, arrive a little earlier at 7:30 am for a thirty-minute meditation class.

Indoor yoga

For those days when the rain or cold is too much to bear, an indoor yoga class would be ideal. NYC also has a lot to offer when it comes to that.

1. Yoga Union

Byrdie suggests checking out Yoga Union, especially if you have back problems. The studio specializes in movements for back care while incorporating elements of mindfulness and conscious living in their practice.

2. Om Factory

If you want a break from mat yoga, go to Om Factory. While they offer traditional yoga classes, they also have aerial yoga, AcroYoga and circus yoga. All of these are worth a try while in the Big Apple.

3. YogaMaya

YogaMaya teaches traditional Vinyasa yoga while focusing on spirituality. Join a class in this studio if you’re looking for a more intimate session that involves ‘movement, stillness, song and silence.’

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