Your Permission Slip for Self-Care

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“Self-Care Is Essential, Not An Indulgence” announces Well+Good’s 2018 wellness and fitness trend report. We are busy, we are on the go, we are searching for our phone chargers. We need time to unplug, to tune in, and, to use a well-worn cliché, just breathe.

In truth, when we feel drained we are not able to support and show up for our families, our work, our children and our communities as our best selves. We all know this.

But in the recent past, wellness travel and self-care have been painted as selfish, luxurious, a guilty pleasure. No more. Taking care of our bodies, minds and spirits is a necessity, and it doesn’t have to mean playing hooky at the spa (though it certainly can!).

We can take time for reflection, through journaling and meditation; pause to eat meals slowly and deliberately; take an hour to walk outdoors, soak in the tub, or slip into a yoga class; and sleep when we need to darn it, dropping the illusion that less is more.

“Expect to see more conscious conversation and education about the true purpose of self-care and how to make it more accessible,” write the folks at Well+Good. ‘If it’s been suggested that [self-care] is for rich, white women,’ says Brooklyn-based therapist and mindfulness expert Rebecca Kronman, ‘that’s been a mistake.’

Self-care is growing as a healthy concept because these practices are crucial for finding peace of mind and the fortitude to give back in uncertain times—something that everyone needs right now.”

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