Boost Your Mood and Energy Levels by Connecting with Your Inner Child

by Editor

By Ava Roman

As people get older and the responsibilities of adult life begin to take over, it’s easy to forget the simple joys that once brought unadulterated happiness when they were children.

The carefree laughter, endless imagination, and bright smiles at the smallest pleasures are gifts left behind when navigating the duties and challenges of being grown-ups. 

What if there was a fun and surprisingly effective way to reconnect with your inner child? 

Discovering Your Inner Child

Your inner child is a metaphorical representation of the innocence and wonder you experienced during your early years. It’s the essence of who you were before life’s responsibilities and societal expectations started piling up. Your inner child embodies your natural curiosity, creativity and ability to find happiness in the simplest things. 

Your inner child remembers the smell of grandma’s cookies baking in the oven, the joy you felt when a friend shared their favourite toy with you, and coming home after school to your mom making a special snack.

Connecting with your inner child means tapping into these qualities that often get left behind when dealing with the demands of adulthood.

It’s about listening to your past self and allowing these qualities to shine through again, adding excitement and playfulness to your grown-up life.

8 Fun Ways to Connect With Your Inner Child

As life gets busy and adult responsibilities pile up, it’s easy to lose touch with the innocent and creative spirit within you. Reconnecting with your inner child can bring healing, increased self-awareness and a renewed sense of joy.

Fortunately, there are ways you can experience these emotions as an adult.

1. Do Some Arts and Crafts

Remember when building sandcastles, finger painting and playing with LEGO blocks filled you with excitement and entertained you for hours? Engaging in creative play is a direct pathway to your inner child. Dedicate time to activities that allow you to express yourself without judgment.

Whether drawing or filling in an adult colouring book, these activities can bypass the critical adult mind and tap into your creative side.

2. Spend Time With Kids

Observing and interacting with children can remind you of your younger self. Their curiosity and natural ability to find happiness in simple things can be infectious.

Spend time with nieces, nephews, younger siblings or your own kids and allow yourself to enter their world. Playing games with them, listening to their stories and watching their imaginative play can help you rediscover the childlike wonder within you. 

3. Dance in the Rain with Your Inner Child

Dancing in the rain can be an escape from the worries of everyday life. Splashing in puddles or feeling raindrops on your skin can help you find that same sense of playfulness as when you were little.

Playing in nature is a simple way to break from societal norms and responsibilities, allowing your inner carefree spirit to take center stage. 

4. Indulge in Your Favourite Sweet Treat

There’s a certain kind of magic in cupcakes and sweet treats that goes beyond their delicious taste. It’s an experience that takes you back to the days when a simple dessert could light up your entire world.

Remember the excitement of picking out your favourite cupcake from the bakery, eyes wide with wonder as you admired the swirls of icing and colourful sprinkles? Why not recapture that same feeling as an adult, reminding you joy can be found in the smallest things?

5. Embrace Spontaneity

Adults often find themselves stuck in routines and rigid schedules. On the other hand, embracing spontaneity is a great way to reconnect. Say yes to that impromptu road trip, have a random dance party while cooking or go on an adventure without overthinking. Allowing yourself to step outside your comfort zone and embrace the unknown can reignite that same sense of wonder.

6. Write a Letter to Your Younger Self

Writing a thoughtful letter to your younger self can be incredibly therapeutic. Reflect on the experiences, challenges and achievements you’ve had since childhood.

Offer encouragement, share what you’ve learned, and acknowledge the events and resilience that have brought you to where you are today. This act of self-compassion fosters a deep connection with your inner child and promotes healing. 

7. Watch Childhood Movies and Shows

Sometimes, all it takes is a trip down memory lane. Watch the movies, TV shows and cartoons that made you laugh, cry and dream when you were young.

The familiarity of these stories can transport you back in time and bring back emotions you felt as a child. 

8. Explore Nature and Play Outdoors

Nature has a way of bringing you closer to your inner self. Spend time outdoors, whether hiking, picnicking, or simply lying on the grass and watching the clouds drift by.

Engage in activities encouraging physical movement and exploration, like jumping on a trampoline or going to the zoo.

Rediscover Simple Pleasures

When the world constantly demands seriousness and focus, rediscovering that inner child offers a brief escape from adulthood and a way to infuse your life with moments of pure happiness.

Partaking in the sweet magic of childhood memories can boost your mood and energy levels while creating a deeper connection with yourself. Treat yourself to your favourite childhood activity or a cupcake—it’s what your inner child would want.

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