Brands We Love: Bonterra’s ‘Rallying Cry’ for a Better Planet

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This eco-conscious paper product line is empowering consumers to do better, together.

Here at Wander, we’re always looking for the next great brand to help us live well, eat well, and travel well. Increasingly, that means brands that also help us do good – good for our communities, our planet, and each other.

That’s one of the reasons we’re loving Bonterra™, a new line of responsibly sourced and plastic-free paper products that invites each of us to do our part for a better planet.

The new bath tissue, facial tissue, and paper towel products are manufactured with carbon-neutral practices and are made from 100 percent recycled paper, boasting eco-certification from the Forest Stewardship Council® for responsible forestry.

In other words, this isn’t just another toilet paper brand. As Susan Irving, CMO at manufacturer Kruger Products, puts it: “Bonterra is our rallying cry.”

“There’s been real growth in the way each of us sees our role in making the world a better place and this product is a response to that. We’re all in this together – in big and small ways -and each action builds to real, collective action.”

– Susan Irving, CMO at manufacturer Kruger Products

Kruger Products is already an industry leader in environmental stewardship with its “Reimagine 2030” initiative that set bold sustainability targets for the company – such as reducing virgin plastic packaging in its products by 50 percent.

Bonterra takes that mission even further. From product development to manufacturing, packaging, design, and partnerships, Bonterra offers a full suite of more sustainable attributes to help you feel good about your purchase.

Scan the grocery or pharmacy shelves where other paper products sit and you’ll find plenty of plastic packaging. Bonterra bucks that norm with easily recycled packaging materials like paper and paperboard, with water-based inks and glues. Individual facial tissue cartons also feature a unique paper dispensing window versus the traditional plastic one.

bonterra products

Plus, this isn’t your grandfather’s recycled paper. Bonterra believes in sustainability without sacrificing quality or softness found in earlier versions of recycled paper products.  Bonterra bath tissue has a comforting 3-ply design, is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, and is septic-safe.

The benefits for the planet also go beyond the product itself.

Bonterra is a proud partner of two environmentally-conscious organizations, to ensure they’re giving back even more. Through a partnership with 4ocean, Bonterra will fund the removal of 10,000 pounds of plastic from the ocean this year alone. That’s the equivalent of 450,000 single-use plastic water bottles – enough to cover more than three ice rinks!

And Bonterra’s partnership with One Tree Planted will see more than 100,000 trees planted over the next three years.

For us at Wander, this is what really sets Bonterra apart. It’s a brand with community and partnership at the centre. The message that our individual actions collectively have a more powerful impact is underscored by these commitments to environmentally conscious organizations.

It’s not only a rallying cry to each of us individually, but a signal to other brands – it’s time to step up, together.

Did you know? 

Eight million tons of plastic reach our oceans every year to meet up with the 150+ million metric tons of plastic that already exists in marine environments.

That’s why EcoWatch created a comprehensive research guide on ocean-bound plastics that includes actionable steps individuals can take to begin to solve the problem before it even enters our oceans.

Plastic is not biodegradable, and it doesn’t decompose.

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