Brands We Love: Manna Hydration

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For us, and our fellow Wanderers, reusable beverage bottles are not a trend.

They are essential to daily life, helping to keep plastic and waste from our oceans and landfills while we keep hydrated (and more, depending on your bevvie of choice!).

There are plenty of options to choose from these days when it comes to reusable bottles and cups, so we were delighted to come across Manna Hydration and its fun-meets-function unique designs.

We connected with the folks at Manna to find out where they came from – and where they’re going.

Wander: First, some background! How did Manna Hydration come to be?

Manna: Core Home was inspired by the next generation of leaders and doers, who lead with wellness and needed a better range of tools to do so.

We developed a wide variety of bottles to serve everyone’s needs. Manna has a bottle for wherever you go: the gym, office, home, airport, and outdoors. We even have a very popular range for kids, promoting healthy habits and hydration from a young age.

From the beginning, we’ve always treated our bottles as accessories as much as they are tools, meaning we’re always designing new shapes and patterns to provide our customers with something they’re proud to show off.

Creating healthier, more eco-friendly solutions to hydration was always as important to us as making bottles that looked cool enough to become your new favourite accessory. 

What’s behind the brand name?

“Manna” comes from a biblical story; it’s a grain that fell down from the heavens when the Jewish people were stranded in the desert and needed it most.

“Manna” has cultural significance across many languages and traditions, all with the connotation of an unexpected benefit and divine aid.

For us, this name symbolizes the spiritual experience of taking care of yourself, staying well through natural resources, and having a modern source of renewable sustenance.

When you carry a temperature-controlled, durable Manna bottle with you, you hold a tool for nourishment, whether it’s refreshing water, a warming cup of tea, or the morning coffee you crave.

What was the first product/bottle?

After studying and playing with existing bottles on the market, we developed Ranger Pro, and it’s still one of our bestsellers years later.

It’s really such an all-purpose bottle, featuring a leak-proof lid with a spout you can twist off and easily drink from and an adventure-friendly handle.

Thanks to its sturdy 18/8 double-wall stainless steel construction, Ranger Pro maintains your drinks’ temperatures for hours, whether hot or cold. Since creating the first Ranger Pro, we’ve also branched out into extra-large capacities and kids’ sizes.

Which products are tops for travel?

All Manna Hydration products are designed to take on the go but Ascend and Saratoga have been our go-to’s at the moment!

Ascend features a unique rope handle and leak-proof wooden lid for a nautical-inspired look that’s functional for a hike while still looking chic. Its slim shape makes storing an absolute breeze for storing in your tote or backpack while travelling.

Saratoga is a hybrid of our Ranger Pro and Convoy bottles, combining the best of each for an excellent on-the-go option, especially perfect for long road trips. Both are made from our signature double-wall stainless steel to maintain your drinks’ temperatures for hours.

Is there a sustainability aspect to the brand/company?

Absolutely! Sustainability is a crucial element of our mission as a hydration company. We want our customers to know that their choice makes a difference and that we have their back when it comes to creating products they can trust.

All of our bottles are free from BPA and lead and made to be long-lasting. Considering the wide range of sizes Manna encompasses, choosing a reusable bottle daily instead of a standard 16 oz plastic one can save over 1,000 plastic bottles per year.

We’re very proud to be a part of this global initiative.

What’s next for Manna Hydration?

Manna Hydration was founded on the principle of evolution, so we’re always striving toward the next innovation. Hydration accessories have become a large component of our range, offering reusable straws and cleaner brushes.

As we look to the future, we plan to include food storage as a major component of our mission to increase the ease of wellness habits in everyday life.

Head on over to to pick up your new favourite bottle.

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