Packing Tips for Conscious Travellers: Business, Beach, Adventure

by Editor

When it comes to packing, BOHO & HOBO’s co-founder Yara Chard gets a rush from being as eco-friendly as possible. 

From her business trips and beach missions with her kids to her adventure travels,  she always packs her bags with sustainability in mind. 

So what’s in her bags? Her top packing tips.

packing for business

Packing Tips for Business

Running her business involves travel by train, plane, and automobile. Before setting out, Yara goes to her kitchen pantry to grab a zipper bag set. 

These bags have water-resistant, food-grade liners, making them an excellent option for packing travel snacks, protecting jewelry in her overnight luggage bag, and packing her makeup and toiletries with confidence knowing that they won’t leak into her luggage during transit. 

Her bamboo cutlery set and stainless steel straw are always a staple in her purse for those meals on the go. She believes in minimizing waste while on the road – and in hotel rooms – as much as possible.

packing for the beach

Packing Tips for the Beach

When packing for a day at the beach with her kids, Yara knows that sand, water, and dirt are inevitable, so she packs accordingly with reusable dishwasher-safe bags that will stand up to all the elements. 

Using her silicone bags—that double as freezer storage bags while at home—she packs sunscreen, bug repellent, a mini first-aid kit, reusable organic cotton wet wipes, and hand sanitizer to create the ultimate waterproof beach bag. 

Oils, liquids, humidity, and condensation won’t be a problem when tossing these bags in with the beach towels, dry clothes, or blankets.

packing for adventure

For Adventure 

When not working or on mom duty, Yara likes to explore the great outdoors by foot and kayak. 

To minimize the number of items and weight in her backpack, she uses her organic cotton produce bags to keep her gear tightly packed and accessible. 

In the small bag, all things edible can be found, such as a bento box filled with healthy snacks, a sandwich wrapped in beeswax food wrap, and a cloth napkin. 

The larger bag holds her rolled-up, extra set of dry clothing, a towel, rain gear, and her silicone beach bag carrying all the essentials for day tripping. 

You will also find her glass infusion bottle slipped into the side compartment of her day pack for easy access.

For Always

When packing for any excursion, Yara believes in using and repurposing what is already available at home, instead of buying or storing unnecessary travel bags and equipment. 

Her philosophy is “a little preparedness goes a long way, and it’s my responsibility to reduce my carbon footprint every day no matter where I’m going and how I’m getting there.”

Thanks for the tips, Yara!

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