Northern Lights and Healthy Travel Options

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The fast-paced way of life becoming the norm worldwide takes a toll after a while, leading those who have vacation time to seek tranquillity.

It’s no doubt that nature has a way of healing, especially when involving mountains, snow, waterfalls, glaciers … and the northern lights.

One location that solitude seekers will love is Reykjavik, Iceland, where the buzzing sounds of the city cannot be heard. Here, you can find several hotels and resorts focusing on health and wellness, offering wholesome, organic meals, massages, yoga, and meditation.

Apart from the offers of wellness in the hotel, options to travel to view the Northern Lights are made possible for all visitors. Celebrating the beauty of nature and focusing your attention on the sky has destressing powers, especially when soaking in one of the many heated lagoons Iceland is known for!

Sweden is another beautiful destination in the Arctic circle, offering an experience like no other. Float in the water under the Northern Lights in the Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa, a treehouse-looking structure in the middle of, well, nowhere.

Escape the stress and breathe in the tranquil air with notes of pine and oak. The hotel aims to promote wellness with mindfulness sessions, philosophy, healthy eating, and more. You can personalize your stay, but do note more customized wellness travel planning does come with a price tag.

In Canada, there is an increasing number of health and wellness centers opening in the North, making it possible to spot the aurora borealis. Here, fresh food and relaxing day trips welcome those hoping to do away with stress and get in tune with their health.

Such retreats offer yoga, meditation, and more and include escapes to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Here, you will need to check forecasts and travel at just the right time of year.

These winter wellness paradises may be just what you need to take a load off, soaking in warm baths as you watch the beautiful colours mingle with the starry skies. This trend in wellness is only beginning – be on the lookout in 2020 when two huge winter wellness centers open, offering a relaxing escape from our hectic lives.

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