Caribbean Travel: Pro Tips for Your First Time

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If you’ve never visited the Caribbean, you’re in for a treat! Before you jet off on a new travel adventure, you should know a few things about life on the islands.

The sun, sand, beautiful weather, and impeccable history don’t have to be just a dream—you can enjoy all of these and more. Here’s what to know before you travel to the Caribbean for the best possible experience.

You Need a Passport to Travel to the Caribbean

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You’ll need a passport to enter any of the Caribbean islands—besides Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands—and to re-enter Canada or the US on your way home.

Furthermore, most of the Caribbean islands expect you to have proof of a return ticket or round-trip flight to ensure you plan to leave the area eventually.

Pro Tip

Because most places accept US and Canadian dollars, there’s no need to exchange your currency before the trip. However, you may receive change in the local currency.

Most Locals Speak English

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English is a common language throughout the area. Although most islands have their own languages and dialects, you shouldn’t have trouble understanding and speaking with the locals. 

Communication is rarely an issue when you travel to the Caribbean islands, but you’ll probably hear people speaking Spanish, French, Dutch, and Portuguese, among other languages.

While you don’t have to worry about extensive language barriers, you should understand the cultural differences between the Caribbean and North America.

Island Hopping Is Possible

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Because the islands are close together, you don’t have to limit your trip to one location. Each Caribbean island has something different to offer, and you should take the time to visit those that interest you.

Consider hopping on a ferry boat or plane to another island to expand your vacation possibilities; there’s always something else to explore (like Great Exuma!).

There’s More to See Than Just Beaches

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Caribbean beaches are some of the most beautiful places to be, but there’s more to do than sunbathe on the sand every day when you travel.

While travel time should be relaxing, you can experience something new by going hiking, learning to surf, exploring caves and rainforests, enjoying historical landmarks, and perfecting your golf game on countless courses.

Of course, you should spend plenty of time on the beach, but be sure to save some time in your travel itinerary for a new adventure!

Rum Is the Alcohol of Choice

carribean island rum drink

Barbados is the birthplace of rum, and it remains the alcohol of choice among the Caribbean islands.

Whether you drink it neat, with Coke and lime, or mixed into a fruity umbrella drink, you can expect rum to be the most readily available drink throughout the Caribbean. Many distilleries still produce rum today, and you can go for a tour and tasting at several locations.

There’s nothing better than a beach vacation, but experiencing new cultures, food, and landscapes in the Caribbean is unbeatable for your wellbeing.

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