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by Steven Stavrou

As 2015 comes to an end, we have much to look back on and be inspired by in ecotourism development and sustainability in travel.

Over the last year, new projects and partnerships in sustainable tourism have set the pace for a promising 2016.

From new ecotourism trails in Trinidad and Tobago, to agritourism’s role in the comeback of Puerto Rican coffee to Hotel Indigo, a 100% solar-powered hotel in Dubai, there has truly been a global push for responsible travel and a commitment to sustainability.

In September, New York City-based Sustainable Travel International launched its 10 Million Better Campaign, with the goal of improving 10 million lives through travel and tourism by 2025.

The campaign brings together tourism organizations and destinations to chart the course for a new direction industry, one that leads to clean beaches, forests and parks; that fosters local economic development and that results in the protection of cultural traditions and architectural treasures.

On the airport scene, San Diego’s International Airport launched The Good Traveler program, where for just $1, travellers can purchase a Good Traveler Offset tag or sticker, with all proceeds going towards initiatives that help offset carbon emissions created by air travel.

And in Kerala, India, the Cochin International Airport, India’s 3rd busiest airport, is now the first airport in the world to run completely on solar power.

Steven Stavrou is founder & editor of EcoWanderlust.com


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