How Your Skin is Affected by Changing Weather Conditions

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By Abbey Hayes

As the seasons change, you may notice a change in your skin. Maybe you’re experiencing dry patches in the winter or oily skin in the summer. You’re not alone.

Why Does My Skin Change from Season to Season?

Our skin loves consistency, so when the weather changes, it sends a shock to our system. In addition, weather fluctuations and new environments heavily impact our skin.

For example, when we shifted from summer to fall, the temperature and humidity dropped. As a result, our skin had to work harder to maintain hydration. That’s why we often get dry skin in colder months.

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Cold Weather

During the fall and winter, we experience a shift in our skin. You may notice dry and flaky patches or irritated areas. This is because cold temperatures with low humidity rob our skin of hydration.

Our heating systems play a part as well. Indoor hot air has low moisture and makes our skin dry and itchy. On top of that, the itchiness can create dead skin and clog our pores, producing breakouts.

Hot Weather

Hot summer weather can make our skin oily, resulting in acne and breakouts. In addition, when we experience excess sun exposure, many of us sweat. However, sweat is just one thing hot weather can prompt.

High temperatures prompt our skin to produce oil, which makes us look greasy. I call this the “melting” look, as oil and sweat can make our makeup or skin products run down our bodies.

How To Deal with Seasonal Transitions

Although weather changes are inevitable, you can take steps to help protect your skin. Adjusting your skin routine is beneficial because you can stay ahead of the transitioned weather.

In the winter, applying a moisturizer with lactic acid is one way to deal with winter skin. In hot weather, you can incorporate cleansing products that fight against breakouts.

It’s important to understand that there is no one-fits-all solution, but I encourage you to find products that work for your skin.


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