Want to Get into Cycling? Your Guide to Four Types of Bikes

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Riding a bike is great for leisure, exercise, or getting anywhere you want in a timely fashion. This is a guide to the different types of bikes to ride. Basic, maybe? Essential when you’re new? Definitely.

One of the best modes of transportation for fitness-minded individuals is the bicycle. Whether you like riding one for exercise, leisure, affordability, or because it’s the most eco-conscious way to get around, there are plenty of reasons why biking is a great hobby.

You should know that different types of bikes are suited for different activities and types of terrain. With this in mind, here is a guide to the different types of bikes to ride.

Road Bikes

road bikes

Sure, you can ride any bike on the road, but if you want the optimal riding experience, choose a road bike. These bikes have a lightweight frame that allows them to move quickly, and they also have thin tires and drop handlebars so you can pedal faster.

Nonetheless, if you aren’t a seasoned road warrior when it comes to cycling, you should learn how to bike safely on the road before you take your bike out for a ride.

Mountain Bikes

mountain biking

As you can imagine, mountain bikes are best for riding through off-road trails or mountains. They typically have stronger tires and suspension than other types of bikes to absorb the impact of uneven terrain on your bike.

You will want to purchase this bike if your town has lots of gravel or dirt roads. However, you should know that these bikes can be slower than other types.

Commuter Bikes

commuting on bicycle

If you’re looking for something between a road bike and a mountain bike, you might consider looking at commuter bikes. These bikes offer the perfect middle ground between the two extremes.

Features on commuter bikes include flat handlebars, slick tires, and a more comfortable seat. Some types of commuter bikes are foldable, so you can take them on the train or public transportation with you easily.

Electric Bikes

couple on electric bikes

Depending on the model, an electric bike could be closer to a motorcycle or a hybrid bike. They come with a battery and a motor that makes your bike go faster and ride smoother.

For a fitness enthusiast, these features might be detrimental to receiving a good workout. It makes for a much more relaxing riding experience for the rest of us.

Biking is a fun and healthy hobby that doubles as a practical transportation method. After reading through a guide to the different types of bikes to ride, now you know which types to rent or buy the next time you’re looking to get around.

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