Enjoy Your Sunset Paddleboard Even More: 4 Tips and Tricks

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Paddleboarding allows you to immerse yourself in both water and the outdoors while encouraging you to move your body.

For many, it promotes a way to enhance your mental and physical wellbeing. Here are some tips and tricks for paddleboarding after sunset and the added benefits of enjoying this outdoor activity at night.  

Embrace the Solitude of Darkness 

Paddleboarding during the day supplies you with the many benefits of sunshine—vitamin D absorption, serotonin boosts, immune system regulation, etc.—but darkness provides solitude. After sunsets, the hustle and bustle of the day winds down.

Crowds thin out, and sounds of wildlife overtake the noise pollution of cars on the roads, people chattering, and other urban tunes. In essence, nighttime brings to light the serenity of solitude. 

Embracing the quiet of the night and the soft, natural glow of the moon allows you to better take in the experience of paddleboarding after sunset. Skip out on playing your music and relish nature’s soundtrack as you paddle in the moonlight.

Meditate as you repetitively move your body to a steady paddle flow and escape from distractions out on the water, such as large crowds and technology.  

Sunset Paddleboard Safety Tips

Low visibility increases safety risks. It heightens the chances of collisions, getting lost, and more. There are many standup paddleboarding safety tips to remember in both daytime and nighttime. These include wearing a personal flotation device, strapping on your leash, and keeping your phone nearby. 

Pertinent sundown safety tips involve wearing a headlamp and installing lights on your board, wearing a reflective vest, sticking to calm bodies of water, and avoiding nights with unclear skies. Staying safe while paddleboarding allows you to make the most of it and relish all its benefits. 

Paddleboarding Must-Haves

Stay prepared for your after-hours paddleboarding adventure with some added goodies to enhance your experience. Some sunset paddleboard must-haves include the following: 

  • Glow sticks 
  • Snacks 
  • A large towel to act like a blanket
  • Water bottles or decanters of warm tea 
  • Lights under your board to see nocturnal underwater wildlife 

Join an Outdoor Water Retreat

Paddleboarding is great, but paddleboarding on a yoga and SUP retreat offers many more benefits, from company to expert guidance and added healing experiences.

Many holistic outdoor retreats include sunset and nighttime paddleboarding in their itinerary. It’s a water activity that immerses people in nature and the water, provides meditative exercise, and connects people to the serenity of the moon. Joining an outdoor retreat is one of the best ways to make the most of paddleboarding after sunsets.

Find relaxation and self-healing with these tips and tricks for your sunset paddleboard to relish the benefits of the night, nature, water, and more.

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