Want to Be Successful in Business? Look at Your Star Sign 

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By Beth Rush

Is the secret to your business success written in the stars? Astrologers think so. According to them, the alignment of the sky at the point of your birth influences your personality and makes each zodiac sign uniquely attuned to certain careers.

The trick is to find your niche. Here’s how to be successful in business by looking at your star sign. 

1. Aries

Aries are the zodiac’s go-getters. Others might accuse them of having too much energy, but it’s only because they see what’s possible and will stop at nothing to make their vision real. However, they’re also pragmatic.

This Star Sign’s Success in Business

This star sign’s ticket to success is their confidence and goal-setting ability. They’re able to work smart, creating attainable goals without taking unnecessary health risks that threaten their enterprise.

Best Businesses for Aries

  • Personal trainer or nutritionist
  • Wellness, life coach, consultant 

2. Taurus

Taurus is the zodiac’s workhorse. They are pragmatic, down-to-earth and the right people for tough jobs. They’re systematic and good at following processes, although their attention to detail may occasionally lag.

This Star Sign’s Success in Business

“Nevertheless, she persisted” is the tagline for Taurus’ business success. They have the drive to keep going despite setbacks, making them adept at creative fields where you must often live on crumbs before catching a break.

Best Businesses for Taurus

  • Musician, artist, poet
  • Blacksmith, carpenter, artisan

3. Gemini

Gemini’s are the zodiac’s smooth talkers. Their twin nature makes them fantastic at relating to a wide range of people, although they can seem a bit mercurial in temperament with far too many interests to settle on one.

This Star Sign’s Success in Business 

Anything that requires talking and public speaking is in this star sign’s wheelhouse. Geminis make phenomenal news anchors and spokespeople. Count on them to close the deal.

Best Businesses for Gemini

  • Marketing and sales 
  • Public speaking/public relations 

4. Cancer

Empathetic Cancer is one of the deepest signs. These folks are acutely attuned to human emotions. Their sensitivity is only a drawback when in the wrong field.

This Star Sign’s Success in Business

Cancers thrive as therapists. They’re also natural caregivers, making them ideal for healthcare settings.

Best Businesses for Cancer

  • Psychiatry, psychology, counseling 
  • Medicine, nursing or home health aide

5. Leo

Leo is the zodiac’s showstopper. They’re outspoken, flamboyant, and sure to grab attention. Entrepreneurship appeals to them because they love a starring role.

This Star Sign’s Success in Business

Like Geminis, Leos has the gift of gab and persuasion. However, they dislike mundane routines and small talk and may struggle to close the deal no matter how good their “sell.”

Best Businesses for Leos

  • Author, speaker, coach 
  • Marketing and advertising 

6. Virgo

Meticulous Virgo will catch every uncrossed T. They have a keen eye for detail and the ability to see, analyze and correct problems quickly.

This Star Sign’s Success in Business

Virgos excel in detail-oriented roles such as accounting. They’re also natural organizers, which make them a perfect fit for helping others whip their lives into shape.

Best Businesses for Virgo

  • Accounting, bookkeeping, editing
  • Housekeeping, organizer

7. Libra

Libra’s symbol—the scales—indicates their love of fairness. However, not everyone born under this star sign goes into the law. Some work towards justice through advocacy and teaching.

This Star Sign’s Success in Business

Libras do best when they can right a wrong. Their ability to see both sides of a situation also makes them effective peacemakers.

Best Businesses for Libra

  • Lawyer, judge, court official 
  • Social work, political activism, education

8. Scorpio

Deep, mysterious Scorpio might appear outwardly intimidating. However, their dogged interest in uncovering the universe’s mysteries makes them outstanding researchers. This sign also likes to test its mettle against the seemingly impossible.

This Star Sign’s Success in Business

Scorpios do best when they can dig into a complex project and give it undivided attention. They may struggle in groups but have the fortitude to keep going without much encouragement.

Best Businesses for Scorpio

  • The sciences, medical research 
  • Technology, computer programming, app development

9. Capricorn

Capricorn marries Virgo’s eye for detail with Taurus’ persistence. Their process-driven mindset makes them a natural match for the financial sector, as they enjoy analyzing risks.

This Star Sign’s Success in Business

Capricorn enjoys reaping the rewards while helping others. They thrive on running a tight ship, making them a good fit for trades where meticulous planning results in less waste and loss.

Best Businesses for Capricorn

● Financial advisor, accounting

● General or specialty contractor, project manager

10. Sagittarius

Breezy Sagittarians hide their serious side beneath their fun-loving exterior. Their upbeat demeanour draws people to them, making them natural fits for working with groups.

This Star Sign’s Success in Business

Fortunately, Sagittarius’ extroverted nature means group settings recharge them. Even difficult people elicit patience and understanding instead of irritation.

Best Businesses for Sagittarius

  • Group instruction, daycare 
  • Community organizer, advocate

11. Aquarius

Many astrologers consider Aquarius the zodiac’s scientist. These folks have insatiable curiosity and ask the right questions.

This Star Signs’ Business Success 

Anything from laboratory research to investigative reporting intrigues this star sign. They like to solve mysteries.

Best Businesses for Aquarius

  • Researcher, field scientist 
  • Reporter, private investigator 

12. Pisces

The zodiac’s dreamer, Pisces can seem too sensitive for rough, mundane work. However, their sensitivity and artistic nature draws children and animals to them, and sharing their gifts can lead to success.

Pisces’ Business Success 

While many Pisceans dream of the artists’ life, disappointment can discourage them. They do best if they find an immediate practical application for their gifts, like running art therapy classes for troubled youth.

Best Businesses for Pisces

  • Art therapist, animal therapist 
  • Youth leader, minister, spiritual guru 

Your Star Sign and Business Success

Your ticket to business success might be in the stars. What does your star sign say about the best entrepreneurial route for you?

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