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In every issue, we ask wellness travel experts, contributors and partners how they stay healthy and calm when they travel.

“What are your favourite ways to treat yourself while travelling?”

“I love to dive deeply into the local culture when I’m travelling, I find there’s so much wisdom to be uncovered by experiencing local traditions, especially when it comes to wellbeing. On arrival, I get a recommendation for the best traditional massage as I find it’s the perfect way to recover from the journey and then I meet with a local herbalist to discover more about the ancient healing tradition of the region and go home with an armful of new remedies and tinctures for my healing cabinet.

Next on my list is food, I love learning about the herbs, spices and cooking methods used to prepare local dishes, as well as tasting them of course, you can be sure that the way they cook and the ingredients they use are as much about wellbeing as they are about flavour. Lastly, I like to head to the local market which is usually a colourful and vibrant experience that gives me a profound insight into the local way of life, as well as, of course, a few simple treasures to take home as a reminder of my travels.”
Claudia Jones, Founder, Director, The Wellness Source

“When I find myself on the road, I treat myself by grabbing coffee from local coffee shops like Communitea in Canmore or Bliss Bakery in Kelowna. I also try to squeeze in at least a night or two with delightful old friends for some deep conversation and hearty laughter. If the schedule allows, I also love relaxing in a steam room or hot pool to distress before a gig, releasing neck and muscle tension enabling me to sing more effectively. On my “Make You Feel My Love Tour,” I had a date performing in Radisson, B.C. where my band mates and I had time for a rejuvenating afternoon at Radium Hot Springs. Divine!”
Cara Matthew, Canadian Jazz and Blues Vocalist

“Every time I travel whether it’s for work or pleasure I always seek out wellness~inspired destinations so it makes it easy to feel great while away! During my travels, I indulge in some self~care practices and slow things down to find true rest and relaxation both in mind, body and spirit. I like to find a local studio and practice yoga as well as get some localized wellness information and restaurant must try’s, meditate to clear my head, journal, watch sunrise or sunset, sit by the water, find a peaceful zen space, talk to locals and make like~minded friends, nap, sleep in, visit a local spa, use my favourite natural products and doTERRA essential oils, DIY facial and beauty treatments, try something new that pushes me outside my comfort zone, go to the local markets and eat fresh fruits and vegetables, listen to inspirational audiobooks, play happy music, appreciate local artisans and the culture, drink green juice, eat local delicacies, get dessert!, get some vitamin D, hydrate and walk everywhere to explore all the sights. I believe you should always treat yourself and find the balance in life especially while on holidays. Getaway to discover your pure essence not to escape, you shouldn’t need a vacation from a vacation!”
Andrea Elizabeth Dragosits, Founder| Wellness Lifestyle Liaison, Souljourn Adventure

“Travelling long-haul once a week means I need a long-term solution. I always pack my grounding sheet recovery bag and I work up a sweat each side of a flight, according to the science of Chronobiology core temperature is the last reset to occur when you get over jet lag. If I’m feeling really indulgent I’ll go for a FAR Infra Red Sauna”.
Christopher Babayode, Principal and Consultant, No Jet Stress

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