Shape Shifting: Hot and Cold Trends in Fitness

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Created by entrepreneur Sebastien Lagree, this high-intensity, low-impact workout is this year’s IT thing, licensed by over 300 fitness studios worldwide. Lagree combines core, endurance, cardio, balance, strength and flexibility training in every move using their M3 Megaformer™ machines. If you enjoy an intense sweat session, this workout is for you.


Best place to try:
Studio Lagree in Toronto, Canada. Three airy studio spaces marked by high ceilings, sleek modern decor, and outfitted with the latest M3 Megaformer machines.

Cold Workout Classes

Give heat the cold shoulder with this cool fitness concept, which promises improved blood circulation, decreased pain, and stress relief. There are three workouts led by instructors – in 16°C (60°F), 13°C (55°F) and 7°C (45°F) temperatures – using various combinations of sandbells, slideboards, battle ropes, and dumbbells.

Best place to try:
Feel the burn at Brrrn, creators of the concept, in New York City, USA. The refrigerated studio offers classes capped with a communal infrared sauna experience.


A portmanteau of jogging and the Swedish phrase ‘plocka upp,’ meaning pick up, plogging started as an organized activity in Scandinavia a couple of years ago and has grown in popularity thanks to social media. The concept is simple: bring a bag along on your run and pick up garbage along the way.

Best place to try:
Your own backyard. Bring the kids or some friends along and power through your workout and litter in one karmic boost.


Whether you’re a lifelong boulderer or too scared of heights to set foot in a rock gym, it’s hard not to get chills when you see a female climber complete a challenging route.

In addition to the recent uptick in women’s interest in the sport, the climbing community has been in an era of “female firsts” for a while now. In rock climbing, strength, flexibility, and nerves of steel are needed in equal measure — and more women than ever are proving that they’re triple threats.

Best place to try:
Chalk up at The Climbing Works in Sheffield, the climbing capital of the UK, home to some of the best indoor bouldering walls in the world.

On-Demand Yoga

Yoga is truly for every body, wonderful for improving flexibility and balance not to mention its benefits for mental clarity and stress management. Now you can access top-notch yoga instruction from the comfort of your home or hotel room with online streaming and apps.

InnerDimension TV

Best place to try:
Anywhere! when you subscribe to a yoga and meditation platform like Inner Dimension TV. Created by Yoga Alliance-certified E-RYT 500 instructors Lauren Eckstrom and Travis Eliot, IDM boasts over 60 classes created and taught by the couple including thematic Power Yoga, Meditation, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Beginners, Gentle, Restorative, and Pranayama practices.


Move over kids…trampolines aren’t just for fun and games, or gymnasts, anymore. Trampoline workouts – called rebounding on a mini-trampoline – are hugely popular with celebrities, and for good reason.

The bouncing works your lower back and leg muscles; is a great cardio workout while being low-stress on the joints; boosts lymphatic drainage and immune function; improves digestion; and, it’s fun!

Best place to try:
Santiago, Chile at Summit Trampoline Park, with hundreds of inter-connected and wall trampolines for open jumping as well as foam pools to dive into.

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