Healthy on the Road: 5 Wellness Tips from People Who Travel for Work

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Travelling is the perfect way to unwind and relax. Yet, staying healthy on the road can be a challenge. The best way to stay healthy on the road is to follow the advice of seasoned travellers.

Steve Kamb – Make Exercise a Priority

Exercise is a constant for fitness expert Steve Kamb, who makes it a point to get in a good workout even while away travelling. Despite his always-busy schedule, the so-called Rebel Leader of Nerd Fitness devotes 30–40 minutes every other day for exercise, and he is able to stick to this routine because he has made exercise a priority.

If you heed Kamb’s expert advice and make exercise a priority, you too will be able to set aside ample time to get in a good workout even while travelling. But if you keep thinking, “I’m too busy,” then you will find it very easy not to exercise.

Walter Fisher – Get Fit!

Saddled by debt, poker pro Walter Fisher ballooned to 245 lbs in less than a month as he started indulging in full pizzas and chocolate cakes. He was, for lack of a better term, a complete mess.

However, he found a lifeline in the form of a friendly wager: a friend bet that Fisher would not be able to reduce his body fat to less than 10 percent in six months. Fisher took up the challenge and started extensively dieting and exercising. Fisher won the bet, and he has stuck to his fitness regimen ever since.

Fisher is likely the fittest poker player in the professional circuit today, and that’s all because he resolved to get fit.

Getting fit is certainly crucial for poker pros, especially since they are on the road quite frequently. Being a former player himself, Party Poker reporter Paul Seaton knows first hand the toll that poker players take.

Thus, the first tip he would give an aspiring poker player is to get fit. He justifies this piece of advice rather eloquently, too: a “healthy body combined with a keen mind is going to put any passionate player ahead of the curve.”

This also applies to travellers. You are much more likely to enjoy your travelling if you are in good shape and healthy.

Andrew Murray – Get Some Sleep

Ultramarathoner Andrew Murray makes sure he always gets good sleep, which means at least seven hours of shut-eye every time, no matter where he is. He recommends the same to aspiring athletes, pointing out that getting a good night’s sleep makes training much easier.

For people travelling, getting the recommended hours of sleep brings about a bevy of benefits, including a sharper mind, increased attention to detail, and more energy for activities.

Katie Lara – Load Up on Fibre

Travel writer Katie Lara starts her days off with lots of fibre by eating apples, bananas, and oatmeal. This early morning routine helps keep things “regular” says Lara, which simply means that your bowels won’t be going in overdrive mode while you are travelling.

Loading up on fibre will also prevent you from feeling bloated and uncomfortable, and provide you with lots of early morning energy.

Izabel Goulart – Have a Good Time

Model Izabel Goulart loves to have a good time, and you should, too. Goulart’s mentality, which she shared with Vogue in 2015, is that she will do something if it will make her feel good and happy.

As proof, she told Vogue of that time when she once worked out on a plane because her brother challenged her to do so. You will do yourself a big favour if you resolve to do things that make you feel good and happy while travelling.

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