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by Coleen Stanton

Good old Arnica. Many people hear of it when they get injured. They rub the gel on their injury to bring out the bruise, help with the swelling, and begin the process of healing a twisted ankle or sore muscles or a black and blue spot. What people do not know is that they have just entered the world of Homeopathy.

What makes Homeopathy special? In Homeopathy, “you are treated for you.” Your physical symptoms, the emotional effect your symptoms have on you and your mental outlook are all taken into consideration in my practice.

Take, for example, a family infected with the flu. Even though each member has the same virus, they may all receive a different remedy from me.

One might be restless, tossing and turning; another could be lying still with no desire to move at all; while another could have a red face, chills going up and down their spine with heavy eyelids. Same virus, contrary reactions, different remedies. You are treated for you.

So what are the remedies? Homeopathy’s medicines are made from one natural substance originating from minerals, plants or animals. Let’s go back to Arnica, a great first aid medicine used for soreness, lameness and bruising. Arnica is derived from a flower in the daisy family.

Two other flowers from the same botanical family – Calendula and Bellis Perennis – are also medicines used for acute situations. Calendula helps with closing wounds with antiseptic properties and Bellis Perennis works for athletes who push their muscles to an extreme, or for gardeners who are bent over all day tending their garden.

With a Homeopathic remedy, I tell my patients that there is no worry of toxic side effects, dependency or addiction, and no withdrawals. Only one substance is given at a time which allows the practitioner to clearly manage the action of the specific remedy. There is no confusion on which remedy is working, nor is there any need to rebalance medications.

Homeopathy does not require a diagnosis in order to be treated. You are treated for your existing symptoms not the disease per se. Hormonal disturbances, allergies, sinusitis, and IBS are some ailments I believe homeopathy has success in treating. Common childhood diseases such as earaches, teething, nose bleeds, and colic respond well to homeopathic remedies as well.

For whichever reason one comes to Homeopathy, the purpose is to bring about the well being and health of the individual in a safe, noninvasive and gentle way.


Coleen’s attraction to homeopathy began during her first career, as a principal dancer with the Dutch National Ballet. But it was after having children that her realization of the benefits of homeopathic treatment became clear and convincing. In 2006, she enrolled in the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy and graduated with a Diploma of Classical Homeopathy. You can reach Coleen at her practice, Pivotal Homeopathy, in Vancouver, BC.

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