7 Food Trends Coming to Life in the Kitchen in 2022

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2020 was the year of banana bread, alternative proteins and sourdough starters. 2021 was the year of comfort food and socially conscious, touchless ordering.

Comfort Foods with a Twist

Diners’ pursuit for the ultimate comfort food is not new, especially this time of year, but what is new is the facelift comfort cuisine is getting.

People are switching out hard-to-digest ingredients with those that meet specific dietary, health or allergy concerns, looking for meat-free versions of nostalgic favourites and elevating staple dishes with global flavours and spices.

Ingredient Awareness

Taking urban farming to a whole new level, diners have taken matters into their own hands throughout the pandemic – growing their own herbs and vegetables within arms reach.

Regardless of climate, indoor garden tools allow you to enjoy fresh salad all year round and without having to travel very far to get local, fresh ingredients.

Bountiful Breakfasts

Bigger, better breakfasts just make sense! We always knew that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, but now with more people working from home and having access to their kitchens throughout the day, it’s no wonder people are excited to replace their commute time with a nice, leisurely breakfast at home.

Charcuterie Boards 2.0

Not your parents’ average charcuterie board!

Think themed, delectable platters of indulgence – something to suit every occasion and every tastebud, from pancake and cocktail boards to hot cocoa boards, dessert boards and everything else you can imagine.

You may have seen this food trend take flight on social media, and it is sure to be the star of your 2022 social gatherings.

Limiting Food Waste

2022 will be all about creating more synergies. As companies continue to take a hard look at the by-products of their manufacturing processes, so will we look at cutting down the food waste we produce at home – starting in our kitchens.

More than a trend, food waste is a conversation that is not going away anytime soon.

Responsible Packaging

Are you still packaging up your leftovers in plastic containers that only serve one purpose?

Discerning diners are looking beyond the sustainability of the food they eat to now also include the sustainability of the packaging their food comes in, and that applies at home as well. 

Hands-Free Everything

If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that we can’t keep our hands clean enough.

Tools, especially those for the kitchen (some would say at times the messiest room in the house) have been re-imagined to prioritize hygiene and keep us as touchless as possible.


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