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Is 2022 the year you try floating?

Flotation therapy is a proven way to relax your mind, repair your body and rejuvenate your soul. Inside a float tank in a meditative-like state, you can shut out distraction and noise, truly time for yourself.

Floatation, or sensory deprivation pods, are filled with hundreds of pounds of Epsom salt and water heated to skin temperature. The high salt concentration of the tank makes it super easy to float on your back and you can stretch fully without touching its roof, floor, or walls.‌

Most tanks are soundproof and dark, allowing a sensory deprivation experience that is beautiful for mental health and stress relief. Not to mention, dulling your pains and aches. We are wildly fond of floating and promise it will be an experience.

Intrigued? Enter to win three passes to a float spa near you – a $150-200 value!

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