The Secret of the Curanderos: A Simple Ritual for Healing

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For more than 500 years, village healers in Latin America, known as curanderos, have been dedicated to alleviating physical or spiritual illnesses. One of their methods is to suggest tying seven knots in a red ribbon, one for each worry or stress, the seventh knot creating a complete circle.

Tying the knot releases that specific concern, enabling the person to leave it behind. The red color signifies strength, health, vigor, energy, passion, courage, the element of fire, career goals, fast action, vibrancy, driving force, survival.

The Lantana Spa at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa pays homage to this age-old ritual. Upon arrival at Lantana Spa, each guest is given a piece of red ribbon for the Seven Knots Ritual, empowering them to release worries and stress. At the end of the spa journey, the guest can simply leave their worries behind and start anew.

The spa offers varied treatments for relaxation and refreshment of the face, the body, and the soul. While relishing in the spa experience and reveling in the adult-only spa pool, taking a moment to knot your worries into the red ribbon might just let your whole being walk back out into the world rested and recharged.

In the meantime, here’s how to do this simple yet very healing curanderos ritual at home.


  • Red ribbon, string or cord – 9-12 inches long
  • A quiet place to concentrate
  • A moment to slow down and release stress

How to:

  • Tie the first knot at one end while you focus on your first concern. Take a moment.
  • Tie the second through the sixth knots – each one focusing on a different worry.
  • Tie the seventh knot to create a circle of ribbon.
  • When tying each knot, concentrate on one specific concern, visualize the best outcome and let go of the concern.

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