Experiencing the Exciting Benefits of CBD for Anxiety at MINERAL in Austin

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With CBD getting so much press lately, it can be hard for most people to understand what it is, how it can help them, and whether it is safe and legal.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is just one part of the multi-dimensional cannabis plant. To put it in perspective, each cannabis plant contains over 400 chemicals, including the most well-known one called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

While THC is the chemical that gives people highs, CBD alone does not do that. Instead, it provides numerous health benefits. In fact, it is proven to be a healthy substance by the fact that women naturally produce it in their breast milk, and infants need it for proper growth and development.

Obviously, CBD has caused plenty of debates throughout the years because people believe numerous myths about it. Many assume that it produces a high.

Thus, it was listed as a Schedule I drug for years, along with the commonly abused drugs heroin and cocaine. Cut off from the public like this, it has rarely been researched, and people are only now beginning to ask more questions about it.

Those who use CBD as a natural wellness tool tout its amazing abilities to relieve pain and inflammation, decrease anxiety, and treat PTSD. Current research also shows that it may work on even more difficult-to-treat issues such as seizures.

There are many ways to use CBD today. It is often sold as a tincture in a dropper bottle, but shoppers can also find it in everything from body lotions to cocktails. CBD anxiety treatments often come as oral solutions, while CBD products for pain relief are sometimes topical.

The full-spectrum CBD used for most tinctures is made from the entire cannabis plant, whereas CBD isolates make better additives to food items because they have no flavour or scent.

Although the FDA has approved CBD, it is still difficult for many to buy these products because of the confusion surrounding various state laws regarding growing and distributing hemp products. (If that’s the case in your area, you may wish to consider turmeric curcumin supplements for their known benefits).

However, numerous approved shops are beginning to pop up all over, catering to the growing desire for plant-based wellness.


In Austin, Texas, MINERAL is at the center of CBD wellness. It recently opened its flagship brick-and-mortar store on East Sixth Street. While MINERAL was previously only an online shop, today, it also sells its growing array of products at its store as well.

However, MINERAL on East Sixth is about much more than just selling CBD oils. It was thoughtfully designed by its founders, Matthew Miller and Harris Fazlani, to provide a community experience where Austinites who want to learn more about cannabinoid products could come to discover the latest research and see and smell the products for themselves.

Indeed, a trip to the calming yet modern MINERAL store is a full-sensory experience, with specific CBD oils described much like perfumes because of the array of scents that they produce.

With a soft opening on March 14, 2019, MINERAL is poised to grow immensely, thanks in part to its excellent location and the increasing popularity of CBD oils across the greater Austin area.

This concept store sets the brand apart by letting customers focus on plant-based health care. Of course, customers can still purchase their favourite CBD anxiety MINERAL products here as well, including the SLEEP, BALANCE, and MAISON varieties, which are specifically formulated for dealing with anxiety, stress, pain, and inflammation.

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