Spa Eastman’s Tonique Cuisine Nabs First Place at Global Culinary Travel Awards

by Editor

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  

– Hippocrates

Since 1977, Spa Eastman’s unique offering has time and again guaranteed its place as one of the leading health and wellness retreats in the world.

Now it’s Tonique Cuisine’s turn–the jury at the World Food Travel Association has awarded first place to Spa Eastman’s restaurant in the Best Emphasis on Wellness & Health in Culinary Travel category. Previously known as the FoodTrekking Awards, the Global Culinary Travel Awards serve to celebrate and reward excellence and innovation in food and beverage tourism. 

Spa Eastman has always believed in the importance of food on physical and psychological health. At the age of 22, President and Co-Founder Jocelyna Dubuc discovered the healing properties of food on her health problems.

Over the years, she surrounded herself with experts and food enthusiasts to achieve the impossible: creating a cuisine that’s just as tasty as it is nutritious. 

Based on scientific research, Spa Eastman has chosen to integrate principles aiming to offer a gourmet wellness experience–without sacrificing taste or pleasure. And its restaurant offers a lot more than an excellent meal.

It’s a pragmatic demonstration that inspires its guests to take control of their vitality, longevity and immunity by introducing them to the Tonique Cuisine principles. 

For over ten years, Chef and Nutritherapist Jean-Marc Enderlin and his team have been fulfilling this promise. 

“In popular culture, people tend to believe that a healthy diet means making sacrifices, suffering or restricting food intake—that it’s impossible to eat healthily and enjoy an outstanding culinary experience. However, it’s totally doable! Tonique Cuisine isn’t a strict diet. It’s a lot richer and more profound than any fad diet. It’s an art of cooking and living that combines gastronomy and health, flavours and nutrients, and energy and fullness.” 

– Chef Jean-Marc Enderlin

Discover Tonique Cuisine during a wellness retreat at Spa Eastman 

This pioneer in the wellness world offers all-inclusive packages and retreats for guests to enjoy a complete immersion in a new way of life with stays that guide guests toward their wellness objectives. 

At Spa Eastman, everything is in place for guests to experience the full potential of a balanced life, including:

  • Passionate wellness experts (naturopaths, kinesiologists, personal trainers, Shinrin Yoku guides, hypnotherapists, fascia therapists, Emotional Freedom Technique coaches, osteopaths, certified yoga and Essentrics instructors, and more) 
  • Flawless massage therapy and aesthetic care 
  • More than 8 activities and conferences per day to learn to take care of your body and mind 
  • An enchanting site with 15 km of trails and a breathtaking view of Mont Orford 
  • Nordic baths in the heart of nature 
  • … and, of course, food that makes you feel good.

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