Ask a Travel Advisor: Solo Travel for Wellness

“I’d like to plan a solo retreat this winter, but I’m reticent to book a room with someone I don’t know, and other options I’ve seen add a supplement for single travellers to have their own room. Can you recommend any resorts or retreats that are designed especially for solo female travellers like myself?”

“With the demand of more female travellers wanting to ‘go it alone,’ more suppliers are leaning towards better pricing for solo travel.

For instance, G Adventures will try and match up like-minded people together. If you still do not wish to share, then there is a supplement; however, it may not be as high. The rate will depend on the destination and length of stay.

AMA Waterways has a wellness program and select cabins set aside for the solo traveller. Just You is based totally on the solo traveller and does not charge a single supplement. You can be alone and still meet people from all over the world and come back home with a new friend list!

It all boils down to what you really want to experience and how much is that worth to you and if it means going alone, then go for it! It’s safer than you think.

Be sure to source out a trusted and reliable Travel Expert who specializes in Well Being Adventures and knows which suppliers to contact to create an itinerary that will suit your needs.”

P. ‘Buffy’ Robblee
Independent Professional Travel Consultant, The Travel Agent Next Door

“More and more women are travelling solo, and just because you are on your own, it should not mean you have to compromise.

While many standard hotels and tour operators impose a single supplement, you can certainly discover properties that put extra value in their single traveller clientele; this is especially true in the wellness travel sector.

With the central theme of self-improvement and personal lifestyle transformation, wellness-focused experiences are often best-enjoyed solo, which is why many retreats provide options to best suit single traveller needs.

It’s always a good idea to complete a consult to determine the right retreat for you in line with your specific goals and preferences however, three options that I can recommend for you include:

  • Aro Ha Wellness Retreat in New Zealand (with their Eco Single rooms custom-built for solo guests)
  • BodyHoliday in St Lucia (with no single supplement in their Garden Rooms and a whole month dedicated to solo travellers each September)
  • Freycinet Experience Walk in Australia, where single guests can enjoy a private room at no additional cost.

These venues all welcome both solo male and solo female guests and ensure guest safety and comfort as a priority. These retreats offer an opportunity for you to have your own privacy when you need it and socialize or meet like-minded individuals through group activities and excursions.

Your trusted travel advisor can also look out for special deals, discounts or single supplement waivers, as well as provide further insight into the retreats and their usual clientele to make sure your retreat is as solo-friendly as possible, so lean on them for additional guidance.”

Samantha Lippiatt
Director, Health and Fitness Travel Australia & The Wellness Travel Expert

“It can be a daunting task to trust and work with someone new, especially for such a special trip. As a Travel Advisor, I get to know you, ask questions about your likes and dislikes, past destinations, and what you want to take away from your travels. The destination is important but what you want to experience is key.

Think beaches, mountains, lush vegetation and winding roads along the Caribbean Sea … what better way to venture into a solo winter holiday than at BodyHoliday in St Lucia?

The hotel offers a dedicated Standard Garden room for solo travellers, and the best part is, there is no single supplement. Experience their four pillars of relaxation, restoration, exercise, and good diet.

You will feel comfortable joining in on an array of their included daily activities, like meditation, yoga, hiking, and biking, and can indulge in daily, complimentary 50-minute spa sessions.

Enjoy the moments of solitude and self-reflection that solo travel can bring, but don’t forget to enjoy the new friends you make along the way….believe me when I say the BodyHoliday will check all your boxes.”

Alicia Thompson
Personal Travel Advisor, TTI Travel

“Most retreat venue accommodations have the capacity for two people; thus they base their pricing on people sharing a room, and the single supplement charge is used to cover the lost income from the second person.

Other retreat venues have accommodation configurations where individuals may have their own guestroom but share common areas and washrooms.

In managing retreats, we have personally experienced and have had feedback from participants that sharing a room with someone new is an excellent experience.

Since most retreats involve some sort of personal development, having someone to talk to at the end of each day is valuable and helps with the integration process. Many people establish lifelong friendships and stay connected long after the retreat.

Retreat Leaders will take great care in finding you a suitable roommate if you are open to sharing. It is always good to step out of your comfort zone – give it a try! If that is not possible, the single supplement is your option.”

Cathy Wassermann, Founder, Retreat & Travel Consultant
Susan Somerville, Retreat Consultant
Wassermann Retreats, an Affiliate of Vision Travel Solutions TICO 50023504

“Hello, my fellow solo Wanderluster. I love to inspire, guide and connect other solo women travellers to wellness destinations and retreats around the globe!

I have personally travelled solo to many destinations, including Canada, the U.S., Europe, Mexico and Costa Rica, the latter being one of my top recommendations. I have explored Costa Rica solo and have assisted hundreds of travellers around the country as well.

You will find lots of Canadian snowbirds and ex-pats residing in Costa Rica. I find Costa Rica to be very safe and easy to navigate with just a little guidance.

The Costa Ricans are so friendly, and visitors quickly adapt to the “Pura Vida” lifestyle, which embraces a simple yet fulfilling approach. Each resort or retreat space is unique and has many offerings perfect for solo travellers, depending upon what you would like to gain and achieve from your getaway.

There are plenty of destinations that cater to solo travellers looking to have their own private accommodation experience and not paying an extra supplement.

The most important aspect of a property is that it is safe, welcoming and has the amenities to make you feel comfortable and at ease while on your own. I would love to help to guide you to a location or retreat that is perfect for you.”

Andrea Elizabeth
Founder and Wellness Travel Concierge, Souljourn Adventure

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