Turn on Your Beauty Hormone: Giveaway

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Getting that gorgeous “glow” isn’t just a matter of what you slather on your skin. You can approach beauty from the inside out, by unlocking the hormone that makes you more attractive: progesterone.

We’ve teamed up with Asensia®, an all-natural hormone balancing supplement that harnesses the power of chasteberry in a propriety formula. Why chasteberry? A natural, herbal remedy that’s been used for centuries, this medicinal plant (also known as “vitex”) helps raise the body’s levels of progesterone, naturally. The results are :

– brighter, clearer skin, with fewer wrinkles and acne,
– easier conversion of stored fat to energy,
– boosted serotonin production (your “feel good” hormone),
– stronger hair and nails,
– deeper sleep.

Sound good? We thought so!

We’ve got prize packs for three lucky winners: you’ll get a three-month supply of Asensia®, and a copy of “Growing Younger Every Day” by naturopathic physician Dr. Laurie Steelsmith, for more tips and hacks on unlocking the power of your beautiful hormonal system.

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