3 Ways Connecting with Nature Can Help You Heal from Grief

By Rob Goodwin

Losing someone close to us is never easy; it’s one of the most challenging facets of the human experience. When things like this happen, our sense of loss might feel insurmountably heavy. So much so that relief seems like an impossibility. Of course, this is a natural emotional progression—especially when you’re still trying to figure out how to heal.

But sometimes, Mother Nature can offer us respite from the weight of our loss. You might be asking yourself how that’s possible, and we understand. Allow us to try and answer that question through this brief guide. Then, you can decide for yourself if connecting with nature might help you in healing from your grief.

Finding Relief Through Stimulating Exercise

When dealing with the crippling weight of loss, it’s easy to forget how well healthy stimulation can provide relief and space from overwhelming emotions. Exercising outdoors is an excellent way to get this stimulation. And you don’t have to run a 5k or climb Mt. Everest.

Getting out of the house and walking around the block is more than enough to help you clear your head, get some fresh air, and honour your body. You could visit your favourite park or natural area and use the space for daily yoga, floor exercises, or anything else you feel will be helpful.

Moreover, exercise can lead to a reduction in anxiety and stress. It’s also a great way to improve mood, enhance concentration, and combat irregular sleeping patterns.

Thus, getting outside and connecting with your natural surroundings could be beneficial in your healing as you grieve.

Cultivating Joy in New Explorations

Cultivating joy through newfound connections with nature can also help you work through grief. In other words, taking the opportunity to travel, camp in new and beautiful places, and explore exciting landscapes can help combat the heaviness of loss.

Nature allows us to participate in something much larger than ourselves. It reminds us of the beauty that life offers, providing a fresh perspective and an opportunity to cultivate joy for ourselves.

Further, exploring and hiking can be a wonderful way to honour the spirit of your lost loved one. This is especially true if your dearly departed enjoyed similar activities while alive.

The Power of Open Spaces and Fresh Air for Healing from Grief

But it isn’t always about having a grand epiphany on a mountain top. Sometimes nature offers the physical space and fresh air we need to feel like we can breathe again, and that’s OK.

This reaches back to getting outside to enjoy the fresh air and honour your body with exercise. However, connecting with nature doesn’t necessarily have to mean exercising if it doesn’t suit you.

All you have to do is be present. For instance, perhaps there’s a meadow on your favourite biking trail. If so, you can go out there and lay in the grass. Close your eyes and take a moment to feel it between your fingers. Meditate, stretch, and journal about how you’re feeling that day.

Any one of these things is an excellent way to connect with nature and work through the emotions that come with losing someone close to you.

Of course, you will know what’s best for your healing journey of grief. But we hope we’ve provided some helpful insight into how Mother Nature offers comfort, space, and joy, even in our darkest moments.

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