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In every issue, we ask wellness travel experts, contributors and partners how they stay healthy and calm when they travel. In this issue:

“What’s the very first thing you do upon entering your hotel room?”


We’ll connect to the Wi-Fi, drop our bags (sometimes up to eight checked and four carry-ons), and likely take a shower if we’ve just gotten off a flight/bus ride or drive. It’s a refreshing action that washes away the fatigue of a long travel day and invigorates us to head out and explore!
– Roberto Gibbons Gomez, 1/2 of The Expeditioners


The very first thing I do is get a feel for where everything is, especially the coffeemaker. Then I organize my important documents and lock them in a safe – this gives me peace of mind. I will usually start to unpack a few things, depending on how long I am staying, just to feel at home. It really is important to start your trip/vacation on a good note.
– Kimberlie Dracup, Founder, Time Well Spent Vacations


Being a photographer, I tend to travel with a lot of equipment that needs charging, so the first thing I do is set up my “charging station” which consists of a Monster Outlets-To-Go travel power bar, and a five-port USB charger from Anker. I set this up centrally so that I always know where everything is, and don’t have to go foraging under beds and behind curtains looking for extra outlets. Their centralized position also prevents me from leaving anything behind when I check out – something that’s all too easy to do if you spread chargers out all over the room!
– Dan Carr, Owner Dan Carr Photography and Shutter Muse


I get to stay in some pretty nice places, so I usually take photos before I mess up the place. If it’s a hotel that gets a lot of turnover, I’ll also lift the corners of the mattress and check for bedbugs.
– Suzanne Morphet, Freelance Travel Writer and Photographer

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Travel can leave me feeling ungrounded, so as soon as I arrive in my room I take a few big stretches and dynamic movements – whatever my body feels like it needs – and then sit down, close my eyes and focus on my breath for a few moments. This allows me to really ‘land’ in my space and feel more connected to my new surroundings. The next thing I do is find the nearest organic grocer, local produce vendor or healthy restaurant so I know where I can get some nutritious food for my next meal!
– Chantal Houde, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and Wellness Travel Blogger


Find a juice bar or a big green salad. The salt and sugar found in most long-haul airline food will really magnify how tired you are, and caffeine will perk you in the short term but will leave you playing catch up the next day. I like to get a jump start on my health after traveling. So as soon as I drop my bags I look for a big, leafy green smoothie, juice, or good old salad. P.S. always carry a reusable water bottle!
– Victoria Farrand, Growth Hacker for the Adventure and Eco-Travel Industry


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