Global Wellness Day Invites the World to Get Their Dance On

by Editor

Get ready to put on your dancing shoes as Global Wellness Day (GWD) is gearing up for its 12th annual celebration on Saturday, June 10, 2023, with the theme #DanceMagenta.

The #DanceMagenta movement is centred around dance, which has been gaining increasing value within the international wellness world.

In 2022, #globalwellnessday reached millions of people worldwide with its theme #ThinkMagenta, by placing its colour – Magenta, at the center of simple actions.

It underlined that GWD is not just a single day but a philosophy that spans the whole year. Following its great success, Pantone, the world colour authority, announced the colour of 2023 as Magenta.

This year, over 140 Global Wellness Day Ambassadors, Key Supporters, and volunteers are inviting people of all ages to live life with dance.

They aim to spread the #DanceMagenta philosophy to communities and beyond, bringing together the tangible and intangible aspects of dance with three basic steps: Dance with your body, dance with your thoughts, and dance with life.

To #DanceMagenta, you don’t need to be a professional dancer, know how to dance, or even need a specific place or time. It all starts with three straightforward steps:

  1. Dance with your body: Whatever style you choose, dance is a unique form of exercise. Dancing is good for your body.
  2. Dance with your thoughts: Add dance to your meditation while relaxing. Dance in your mind. Free your dreams.
  3. Dance with life: Don’t resist; stay in the flow, and trust the process. Add music to your life. Let music bring you happiness. Start your day with music and fall asleep with music. Take control of the rhythm of your life.

Global Wellness Day’s official audio partner, Myndstream, a platform that creates music designed for health and wellbeing, curated the GWD Anthem “Good to You.”

The song is composed by Academy Award/Golden Globe Award-nominated songwriter Taura Stinson, produced by Darien Dorsey, and performed by powerhouse vocalist Brianna Mazzola.

It is an inspiring and uplifting anthem that sets the tone for a day of wellness and celebration around the world; we can’t wait to hear it!

Belgin Aksoy, the founder of Global Wellness Day, sums up this year’s theme:

Belgin Aksoy Founder of Global Wellness Day

The theme of Global Wellness Day this year is dance; the idea came from Diane Stobo who is a leader in the global wellness industry. We named it #DanceMagenta. Because for us, living is dancing. The music of the universe never stops. Those who manage to become one with music are happy people. Dancing is not just a physical activity. Those who choose to live well are those who come to realization that dancing is also a way of thinking.”

This year Ibiza, Ghana, Belgium, Tanzania, Bhutan, Seychelles, Cameroon, Mauritius, Senegal and Tunisia are among the new countries that have come on board Global Wellness Day.

All in-person and virtual events organized this year continue to hold three main attributes: educational, non-commercial and complimentary.

So, mark your calendars and join the #DanceMagenta movement on June 10, 2023, for a day of wellness, dance, and celebration. Remember, it’s not just a single day – but a philosophy that spans the whole year.

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