4 Ways To Stay Mentally Healthy During the Fall

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Going into the darker months of fall can be emotionally jarring, and Autumn is when some of us face symptoms of seasonal depression from isolation and sun deprivation.

Don’t let the cold bring you down. Check out these four ways to stay on top of mental health during the fall season.

Stay Connected With Friends

Isolation is among the most significant factors that cause seasonal depression – the cold weather locks us inside, far away from our loved ones and friends. Additionally, the global pandemic drives us even further apart.

As social beings, we must get creative with how we interact with others outside of face-to-face gatherings.

Social media and other online social programs keep us connected through any conditions. Netflix’s watch party is a replicate movie night with all your friends.

Video chatting services have become a mainstream staple for virtual meeting spaces. Regardless of how you stay in contact, it’s crucial that you make an effort to reach out to others for your mental health’s sake.

Make Your Home Brighter

It’s common knowledge that exposure to the sun elevates feelings of relaxation and happiness. During the fall, we see our favourite star far less frequently in comparison to the summer.

Studies have also shown that our home’s lighting plays a role in our mood, with “cooler” tones of lighting replicating natural light conditions.

Install white-toned lightbulbs or cool LEDs to fake natural lighting and implement strategically placed mirrors near windows to effectively reflect the sun’s rays.

This is one of many lesser-known ways to stay mentally healthy during the fall, and the work required is quite simple.

Pursue a New Hobby

Keep your mind off of the drabness of Autumn by adopting an engaging hobby. These hobbies stimulate your brain, keeping you more alert and happier.

If you find yourself alone most of the time, a captivating solo activity like painting or writing keeps you preoccupied in those moments of isolation.

Hobbies provide you with loads of positive hormones that greatly aid your mental health at all times, including fall. When you complete a task or something complex, your brain releases the “happy” hormone called serotonin.

Studies have proven that activities like homemade crafting can benefit your health immensely, both physically and mentally.

Improve Better Physical Health

The cold weather often leads us into a monotonous sedentary lifestyle. The best remedy for feeling better is doing exercise of any kind, adopting a better sleep schedule, and maintaining a balanced diet.

Remember, don’t stress over your physical health by holding yourself to unreasonable goals – this, in fact, is far worse for your mental wellbeing.

Instead, practice the right balance of self-care, working out, sleeping well, and eating healthier. Simply caring for your body will make Autumn’s darkness more tolerable.

It’s normal to feel seasonal depression as the fall months approach us, as the mental toll of the dark and cold is challenging for any person. With these tips, you can feel better mentally and thrive during Autumn this year.


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