3 Tips to Prepare for a Great Après-Ski Experience

by Editor

French for “after ski,” après-ski is a session of socializing and relaxing after a day of skiing or snowboarding. Après-ski events typically start around four o’clock in the afternoon and last past dinner.

Use these three tips to prepare for a great après-ski experience!

1. Learn What To Wear for Après-ski 

You can go straight from the ski slopes to the après-ski hangout. Some formal places have dress codes, but most après-ski locations are laid back and geared toward skiers and snowboarders.

Just wear an outfit that will keep you comfortable on the slopes, but that has layers you can remove when you’re indoors. After all, one of the benefits of wearing base layers for winter sports is that they improve the heating efficiency of your other garments without adding bulk to your outfit.

Therefore, you can transition from the slopes to socializing without returning to your room to change into something less cumbersome.

2. Plan Your Ride Back

Another way to prepare for a great après-ski experience is to plan how you’ll return to your hotel after joining the festivities.

You’ll feel exhausted after a day of adventure and exercise. And if you plan on enjoying alcoholic beverages during après-ski, you’ll want to make doubly sure to have a safe ride home.

Fortunately, most ski resorts (and popular winter hotels) have shuttles that can take you back to your hotel. And, of course, you can look into rideshare services too. Plan the ride before the fun begins to ensure everyone’s enjoyment and safety.

apres-ski outdoor bar

3. Find the Right Place

Delicious food and drinks abound at après-ski locations. While each place has its own specialty, they all promise a good time. If you’re willing to wing it completely, you can probably walk into a restaurant or bar and have an enjoyable experience.

But if you do a little research ahead of time, you might find a gem that you want to visit. Whether you want a focus on local ingredients, live music, craft beer, or themed events, find out what the area has to offer.

Après-ski is a meaningful part of snow sports culture. Enjoy the company of fellow outdoor enthusiasts at après-ski events!

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