Uncork the County: Wine Tours in PEC

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With its long history of farming, Ontario’s Prince Edward County has traditionally been thought of as Canada’s canning capital. But, over the last few decades, it’s transformed into a thriving wine region.

With close to 50 wineries—not to mention several breweries, distilleries and countless artisan farmers, craftsmen, artists and restaurateurs—it has become the newest gem for those looking for a reliable getaway from the Greater Toronto Area.

The County may have evolved in its culture and tastes, but it retains the grassroots and community feel that has made it special.

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The Culinary Adventure Co. recently launched a signature wine tour series called Uncork the County. It’s a monthly day-long adventure to this incredible region along Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte. It’s a whole leisurely day spent in picturesque landscapes, stunning vineyards, and scenic shorelines—with award-winning wines. There are also special seasonal and cultural events on the calendar.

The wine tour includes a tasting of Prince Edward County wines at multiple wineries. Lunch is a five-course gourmet ‘picnic’ created by the Chefs at Culinary Adventure Co., featuring locally sourced artisan cheeses, seasonal salads, grilled meats, smoked local fish and dried meats.

But, best of all, wine tours offer guests a chance to meaningfully interact with those who spend their days with their hands in the soil, transforming Prince Edward County into one of the country’s most renowned viniculture hot spots.

“As the world gets smaller, more and more guests are looking to discover those small local artisans they’ve seen on Instagram,” observes Culinary Adventure Co.’s Kevin Durkee. “As culinary professional ourselves, we give our guests the personal experience with food and wine producers in the region, they crave.”

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